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What About the Camp Bastion Attack?

aussiette Wrote: Oct 27, 2012 6:13 AM
American troops, nor the British, nor those of my country, Australia, should never have been in Afghanistan, or Iraq, for that matter. Obama and Hillary Clinton have done much to restore the good reputation of America. A reputation lost under Bush. Romney has no idea of foreign policy. God help us all and the world we live in if Mitt Romney with his militaristic policies is elected President.
Joseph64 Wrote: Oct 27, 2012 7:34 PM
Obama and Hilary did such a good job of restoring our reputation that our embassies around the world were attacked. They just love and respect us so much. Yeah, right. Wake up before reality wakes you up because when reality wakes you up, it usually does so in a VERY painful way.
Jay Wye Wrote: Oct 27, 2012 7:25 PM
the US went into Afghanistan because the Taliban government refused to deal with OBL and Al-Qaida after the 9-11-01 WTC destruction,or allow the US to deal with them. they gave Al-Qaida safe harbor and support,making them as much enemies as Al-Qaida.

Folks like YOU have no idea of foreign policy. Especially Comrade Hussein Obama.
It's clear he's failing at that as well as the US economy.
Or is it intentional that he's botching them? ? ?
I believe so.
Lance852 Wrote: Oct 27, 2012 7:48 AM
Of course not, we should never, ever take the fight to those who hate us simply for being Americans, Aussies and Brits. No, we should retreat on every front from annoying or offending matter the cost. Sarc.

"Without any inhibitions of any kind I make it quite clear that Australia looks to America, free of any pangs as to our traditional links or kinship with the United Kingdom"
— Prime Minister John Curtin, 27 December 1941
Three days after the bloody 9/11 siege on our consulate in Benghazi, the Taliban waged an intricately coordinated, brutal attack on Camp Bastion in Afghanistan. The murderous jihadists released video exactly one month ago this week showing off their training exercises in preparation for the assault. Where are the questions?

Where's the accountability? Where's the Obama administration? Where's the press? Where's the outrage?

Two heroic U.S. Marines were killed in the battle. Their names -- Lt. Col. Christopher Raible and Sgt. Bradley Atwell -- have not been uttered publicly by the commander in chief. Their arrival back in the U.S., in flag-draped coffins,...