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Mr. President, Your Ideology is Showing

Auspex Wrote: Jan 30, 2013 12:32 PM
Our planet has even had times when we had no ice on our poles at all! But most human beings can only think in relative variability for everything, why should climate be different. If the weather looks bad today, it is the worst EVER (even if no records were broken). Forget having a population that can think in geologic time, thanks to the NEA, we're lucky American's can see 2 feet in front of their faces these days. And the ones that do are probably home schooled!

On Jan. 21, the very day America learned that three of its citizens had been killed in a hostage-taking at a Saharan natural gas facility, President Obama was sworn in for another four years and delivered a speech that said nothing about terrorism.

In fact, his inaugural speech failed to address many of the most pressing issues confronting America today. Rather than pay respects to the families of the Americans lost in Algeria or at the Benghazi consulate, he talked about “hope,” “engagement,” and turning “sworn enemies into the surest of friends.”

The president made no mention of the more...

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