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Somehow I don't think it was Bieber's singing that got him famous. I'm sure it was his mouth, but nothing to do with his voice if you know what I'm saying.
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O Audit, Where Art Thou?

Auspex Wrote: Sep 13, 2014 1:02 PM
I guess only politicians and registered democrats are safe with sloppy bookkeeping. If it has been a small business or registered republican, that $33k would be three times as much with interest and penalties. So, where's the interest and penalties for Mrs. Landrieu?
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No One is Born Gay

Auspex Wrote: Sep 10, 2014 1:42 AM
Well, it may be anecdotal, but so far, in my family, 33.3% of us are gay, and all on my dad's side. And the hetero 66.6% keep managing to turn out to have one gay kid among the two to four they raised and it keeps the proportion damn constant for the past 3 generations. And no, none of those 33.3% are druggies, crazies, welfare bums, etc. They all probably pay enough in taxes to support another family or four. So much for anecdotes, eh?
Hah I was just thinking the same thing!
You hit the King nail right on the head. His father was governor a few Governor's ago. And he thinks it's his due to be governor as well, because his daddy was. His daddy wasn't too bad of a governor, but man he raised a whining, lazy entitlement seeking son.
Ah, how quickly we forget, Bill. Only the liberals/progressives can be diverse. Middle roaders and conservatives are required to be old selfish white men with stolen cash to spare (or their bee-hive hairdo wives with gold-plated bibles and tattooed mascara ).
So, what happens when the government starts making "undesireables" start looking like ISIS so they can take them out without a fair trial? It seems way to easy to abuse, just like some of McCarthy's methods were. It may not be but 1% are innocent, but we have a justice system that is built to minimize that type of decision error, and every citizen has access to it. I don't know, a conservative asking for this just makes me start to wonder if they aren't just big government with a different, but just as oppressive playbook as the other.
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Cheap Politicians

Auspex Wrote: Sep 10, 2014 12:42 AM
I agree, Dr. Sowell. But I then how much do you pay them when they stand to be multi-millionaires or be gifted similar value for favors. It would be nice to have a government small enough and with little enough economic puppet strings in their fists that they could keep their full-time careers and just deal with minor amounts of legislation. Then, $1mil salary for 1/4 time is 250k, and that ain't bad for part time, especially with the power and influence you retain after holding whatever seat you had. How do you tactically boost the pay to such levels and insure it doesn't kick in until the seat is replaced? Hmm..dang, maybe that is the solution...put the raise for the next guy in line, not the incumbent in the year the law is passed. Probably won't pass like that though.
NO, the poor suffer "almost" as much as the middle class, minus the subsidy. But for two people, at least in my state, the middle-of-the road plan is $700 (before any subsidy -- for which I do not qualify) a month. Then the deductible is $10K! Even the poor enough to get subsidies but not poor enough for Medicaid expansion crowd has to pay that $10k before their insurance will drop a red dime for their healthcare. Only the very poor get Medicaid expansion, and they will be getting health care while the middle class just gets too sick to work, and gets poor enough for Medicaid if they don't die first. Sad part, is some of the Rx, if you get them OUTSIDE your plan (and not against your 10k deductible!) you can get them for $5 or $10 out of pocket. Because of deals with insurance, ON the plan, you pay $15 - $20. So, short of catastrophe (that you will still pay $10k for 2 people), you'll never see an insurance payment for your health care. You'll be paying to 10k or you won't be getting care. How is this any better than a catastrophic plan for the typical middle-aged middle class or almost poor couple? (If you have kids, you get some of that back in free wellcare visits and free stuff for kids. If you don't have kids, guess what, you're still paying a share of premium for that to be in your benefits package...).
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Deport the Tsarnaev Sisters

Auspex Wrote: Sep 03, 2014 10:24 AM
Why stop at Muslims? Hundreds of thousands of catholic illegals are coming up from the south.
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Green Monster

Auspex Wrote: Aug 27, 2014 1:25 AM
Why don't some voters get it. Politicians can't stick their fingers into the tax coffers (they take from us) directly. So they made a system. They do favors for big PACs and big business and the things the bureaucrats and elected officials want to earn money on, like regulating micro-breweries, for example -- often costing us opportunity or directly scooping it out of our paychecks. These favor gainers turn around and contribute big bucks to re-election campaigns. It's twisted, but that is how politicians get their hands on our tax dollars, by laundering it through regulation.
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