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Seriously! I NEVER thought I'd see the day I'd pray for the return of the Kennedy-like democrat. But man, they look like angels compared to the snakes and ostriches in the democrat party today.
Because HL pays almost twice what everyone else pays for the same skill level. I bet HL employees themselves would like all the prog outsiders to get out from between them and their employer too.
No, he owes his soul to Coal. He just decided to rip off the coal industry and pay his party's invoice instead of his constituents. Maybe his constituents will decide it's time to collect that bad debt...?
And if we can give her that right, why can't we, as a society, have the right sterilize her then. It is, after all, for her own good, right?
Abortion is NOT birth control. Birth control means you don't have to think about abortion. It also means abortifacients aren't birth control.
Why wait for an explanation? It's all in the "D" behind his name. "D" isn't just for democrat, it also means "deceiver", don'cha know!
That's only if the lies in her head don't count...
Heh conservative women need to sue for that if they work for liberal or progressive companies...! /muahahaha!
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In The Government’s Crosshairs

Auspex Wrote: Jul 18, 2014 1:59 AM
More like "used to"....but liberal too long and it turns into a giant tumor.
Oh, they enforce the law if you are a middle class taxpayer. It's our right, doncha know!
And the NAFTA train, don't forget that one.
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