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"Oh, and how does the expression "President Nancy Pelosi" grab you?" Grabs me in the most unkind places. I'll move to Mexico if that happens. Gosh, thanks for a never ending series of nightmares, Ann!
If it had been a deep blue state back east, it wouldn't have been blamed on the state, that's for sure.
Dangit, using a tablet and accidentally flagged this post, please unflag, TH?
That's funny, I used to be a recreational user, but my brain and work ethic put me into the 28% tax bracket. Guess if i had said 'no' I'd have the pleasure of being in the top tax bracket? Too much of anything is bad for you. When is America going to get back to self control, liberty, and yes, allowing people to receive the consequences of their actions instead of all the nanny-state laws?
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Nevada Showdown: All Hat, No Cattle

Auspex Wrote: Apr 15, 2014 10:19 AM
And lets not forget the tortoises thy are euthanizing in order to protect the tortoises, but ran out of money and instead spent it on contract cowboys and new trucks. That BLM?
No, the Nevada standoff is pure corruption. They only used the turtle as a means to a corrupt end, namely to sell the land to the Chinese and make Reid and family richer. It had zero to do with environmentalists or they wouldn't be euthanizing all the tortoises they say they are there to protect. Don't let the leftist press fool you...
Great idea!
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The Politics of Personal Distraction

Auspex Wrote: Apr 13, 2014 12:21 PM
No allowing duped young girls to murder with government's blessing is the straw man here. That you are morally too weak to teach young women how to be responsible with their bodies is a tremendous shame. Women used to be respected for their power to nurture life. Now, thanks to your ilk, they are taught to feel it is disease like cancer. Well, maybe for YOUR mother, you were indeed like cancer, because you are sure a cancer on the American body politic today.
Not to mention they are euthanizing the turtles they are supposedly protecting. Why? they cant afford the turtle program. But they can spend millions for tyranny? Reid needs to be tarred, feathered and run out of the country with the rest of his evil family.
God bless the Bundy's. And after all this, maybe the Devil will come and collect Reid's black soul because he should be useless now.
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