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Green Monster

Auspex Wrote: Aug 27, 2014 1:25 AM
Why don't some voters get it. Politicians can't stick their fingers into the tax coffers (they take from us) directly. So they made a system. They do favors for big PACs and big business and the things the bureaucrats and elected officials want to earn money on, like regulating micro-breweries, for example -- often costing us opportunity or directly scooping it out of our paychecks. These favor gainers turn around and contribute big bucks to re-election campaigns. It's twisted, but that is how politicians get their hands on our tax dollars, by laundering it through regulation.
Either way, it's because the Democrats are flawed. Only two things could have happened here: 1) It was intentional, as you say. This means that the Democrats don't give a damn about "the people" they only care about power. 2) It was an oversight. This means they aren't competent enough to legislate. And because the law passed without one republican vote, it's all the Democrats fault. Period. They screwed up, again, and this time it should be pretty darned obvious to their constituents. Of course, most of their constituents are okay with it being #1 because their constituents are bullies themselves.
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The Ferguson Feeding Frenzy

Auspex Wrote: Aug 20, 2014 11:53 AM
You don't even need to color it. All conservatives have more sense than the liberal and progressives about whom Mrs. Malkin writes.
Yes, the problem is when it doesn't go in their favor, they make up more stuff to add or subtract in the name of "fairness and redistribution" so the answer they actually want is what they get and it looks legit.
What it is, is D.C. (both sides) intentionally sped up their ability to regulate and enforce policy, but never sped up the process of representation. They can pass laws/rules/regulations faster than the people can 1) find; 2) read; 3) even understand; 4) develop a response; 5) send response to their leaders. It's a shell game at this point.
This thing needs an "unflag" button...
Heh heh, you called him a "fluffer". That's good... Bah, sorry meant to hit post and just hit flagged. NOt on purpose...! Sorry...
Totally agree!
You had me at "Those that pay tax no longer represent...", doc (aka Rich). I'm one of those myself.
Seriously! I NEVER thought I'd see the day I'd pray for the return of the Kennedy-like democrat. But man, they look like angels compared to the snakes and ostriches in the democrat party today.
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