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In Boston, the militia, you know the only legal gun owners in America according to liberals? In Boston they were ordered indoors. In Nevada, they came out to play.
So guns can't stop a out of control government? Any question as to why they want to disarm the American public???
Pull off a Senate seat, Governor, and the sky is the limit.
Commies are raised by the "state". And now the left, also like the pathetic, Hillary, wants a village to raise our children... Were the Boston bombers raised by loving parents, or a village?
Is his wife proud of America yet, sweetpea? Would his daddy, mentor, preacher be happy now?
Wow. The NAACP is a democrat organization? So it only look after democrats of color??? Wow isn't that racist? Some blacks are more deserving of their voice than others?
Bachmann has a court date to make her case. The little fellow, Jealous, has no such date. Just cowardice to make him flee. See the difference?
And he was given an opportunity to point that out himself and enlighten the so called racists and religious bigots, but ran away, instead. Like a coward. And low, and behold, he has mouthpieces like yourself to defend the cowardice.
Tyranny can't happen in America, with defenders of the US Constitution like you people, Jimmy. LOL.
You people welcome Marxism. You people welcome more government in your lives. Isn't there a better fit for people like you, Jimmy? Cuba? China? Russia? Syria? If they'll have people like you, Jimmy. Useful idiots.
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