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He apparently thinks Spain's problems are caused by budget deficits, or government debt, as the US' problems are. That's incorrect, as the article explains. It's in English, so it should be an easy read, even for a conservative!
It's not like this is RMoney's first stupid and ignorant comment, people. I doubt he "hurt" Spain's feelings; they see him for the ignoramus that he is. Considering how touchy RMoney is, I would think he would be a little less critical of others. Obviously, RMoney doesn't understand what Spain's problems are, which have nothing to do with budget deficits or excessive government spending. But like small men everywhere, he just had to get a little dig in, to make himself feel better about losing, in his case, the presidential election.
I have no idea what's in all that data. Does it prove that Bush kept the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, as well as Medicare Part B, out of the federal budgets?
No, Aura blames Bush for Bush's debt! Bush started the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, if memory serves. Bush purposely kept the cost of those wars, and the largest entitlement program in the nation's history since Medicare, Medicare Part B, out of the budgets, so they wouldn't be reflected in the deficit. Bush couldn't get to a balanced budget, even when he took out the cost of Iraq, Afghanistan AND Medicare Part B! Obama just put them back in the budget, and Wham! Instant doubling of budget deficits. Now I ask you, if Bush approved the spending, why is it Obama's fault that they impacted the budget??? You guys make me laugh and cry at the same time!
I agree, Bush should never have kept the cost of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the largest socialist entitlement program since the creation of Medicare, out of the budget and therefore not included in calculating the budget deficits. Obama was smart to put them back in, as well as propose cuts to spending and increases in taxes, in order to reduce the budget deficit!
Anne, was that cookie from mommy good? If you're a good girl today, she might take you for a ride in the car!
RG, you get that ALL taxing scheme redistribute wealth, right? I mean, that Obama acknowledged what taxes do, redistribute wealth, doesn't make him any different from any president before him, right? They all support taxing the public. Reagan raised taxes 17 times! So he was a wealth distributor, too, wasn't he? What am I missing here?
President Bush enacted the biggest socialist entitlement scheme, Medicare Part B, since Medicare was implemented in the 1960s, yet people never call him a socialist or a Marxist. Why is that? The facts appear to show that Bush is the socialist, not Obama. Maybe some folks like to use big words whose meaning they have no clue of!
"On the question of whether the candidate is a good person, 47% said Obama is a good person to only 31% who said Romney is a good person This means there are a substantial number of voters who don't like Romney personally but are still going to vote for him, possibly because they like his policies or hate Obama." Obama Derangement Syndrome at work!
I'll bite: what lies has Obama told? That he was born in Hawai'i? That he's a Christian? ' It's not a lie when he makes a verbal mistake and says 57 states, instead of 50 states. Lies are like when RMoney says his tax plan won't raise the budget deficit, even though it won't raise revenue. He says that lowering tax rates, but ending deductions, will encourage growth. But that's a "tax neutral" plan, where individuals might actually end up paying more, because they can no longer deduct mortgage interest or property taxes or state income taxes. But gosh, it's only your taxes: never question Der Fuhrer Mitsy RMoney!
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