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Newark Teachers Claim to be ‘Indentured Servants’ Despite $57K Average Salary

auntiesamm Wrote: Oct 31, 2012 1:29 PM
In view of Sandy's devastation maybe they don't have those awful jobs any longer, or at least for a while as cleanup begins. These people are so ungrateful it makes me sick! Quit teaching which is pretty secure with a better than average salary, and go look for another job that pays you "more fairly". What do you have to offer an employer? May be a nurse or brain surgeon? Or, an airline pilot? A retail clerk? Gee whiz, you can't or won't do any of those? These teachers should all be ashamed of themselves but they aren't because they are also a big part of those with their hands out for "what they deserve". If our children were really getting great educations I might feel differently towards public school teachers.
Is it ever enough? That’s what citizens should be asking in Newark, where the teachers are claiming they are subject to “indentured servitude” for being forced to consider an “inhumane” collective bargaining agreement that many consider very union friendly.

The average Newark teacher’s pay is $57,926, according to That constitutes “indentured servitude”?

In 2011, found that Newark teachers contributed a big fat zero to their health insurance benefits. Taxpayers, on the other hand, spent a healthy $111,742,197 to pay for teacher benefits. Yes, that’s $111 million to zero.

The school district receives a whopping $28,406...