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In 2016, GOP Needs a Candidate Voters Believe In

auntiesamm Wrote: Nov 17, 2012 12:55 PM
One has to wonder how Romney would have fared had Marco Rubio been the VP on his ticket. Could that have changed the Hispanic vote dramatically? We will never know. Looking ahead to 2014 and 2016 the GOP must come up with some very different candidates if they expect to win. I do agree there are far too many old, white males in both parties who need to go. We definitely need term limits for Congress to keep it from becoming what it is today. These career politicians do not have new, fresh, young ideas and contribute more of the same - both parties! Most of those in Congress have never held a "real job", like the Pres & VP. We have got to do better as a country. I am an Independent and do not identify with either party.

In the wake of Mitt Romney's loss, many Republicans say the GOP must make far-reaching changes to be competitive in future elections. White voters are a smaller and smaller part of the electorate, they point out, while Latinos and other minorities are growing as a percentage of the voting public. Unless the Republican Party reinvents itself to appeal to those voters, the argument goes, the GOP can get used to being out of power.

There's something to that. The electorate is changing, and the Republican Party needs to keep up with the times. But the more fundamental answer to the...