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Dr. Carson Q & A following His Retirement From Johns Hopkins Hospital

auntiesamm Wrote: Jul 03, 2013 11:41 AM
This is one of the finest, most honest, American men I have come to know in my 73 years on this earth. Having worked in healthcare (physical rehabilitation) for over 30 years I have followed Dr. Ben Carson's career since his very early days in medicine. He is a perfect role model for all young men and women regardless of race or ethnic background. Dr. Carson proved it is possible to rise above any adversity if they have the mindset and motivation to do so. He was fortunate that his mother loved him and his brother so much that she refused to let them not succeed! It is my heartfelt prayer that Dr. Ben Carson, who has already found his niche post-medicine, will become and stay front-and-center in public view. He would make a wonderful President of the United States! 2016 Dr. Carson? God bless you and your family as this first day of the rest of your life begins!