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Cont..... I live in southern CA, surrounded by these illegals. Does anyone think there is an illegal parent telling a child from an early age, as the Rubios did with Marco, to believe they can do anything? First become fluent in English, complete college, have a great career, become a US Senator and someday be President? They have no such desire or concern. I see Marco Rubio, not as a Cuban American, but as an American who will continue to do great things for his country. I see the fire that burns in Marco when he speaks. Yes, I would vote for Marco for President of the US! He is a wonderful role model for every child in this country!
Seeing Marco Rubio, a Cuban-American, who is representative of this resilient section of America impresses on me: not every immigrant came here with a hand out. These Cubans came here to escape Fidel Castro and they know what a dictator looks like. That is why they do not support Obama - they do not want a dictatorship again to tell them how to live their lives. There is a tremendous difference between the Cubans who have come to our shores, brought desire for freedom, initiative to work hard and play just as hard, to raise their children with a good education as opposed to those who enter illegally across our southern borders with a hand out! They do not want to assimilate, learn English or fully participate in our society. I
Tell your kids the truth: it wasn't about black or white skin, but about our country that needs a real leader. Tell them Obama didn't live up to his promises and that is why he didn't win re-election. Then tell the kids a black person can still be president if he tells the truth, does what he says he will and upholds the Constitution of the US and the Bill of Rights which are for all people no matter the skin color. That is what you tell them and then encourage them to do their best, be good students, and great Americans! It is pretty simple...... excuses told. TRUTH is skin color doesn't matter but integrity, character, honesty and dedication to this country do. Obama lacks all 3 so he was voted out!
In view of Sandy's devastation maybe they don't have those awful jobs any longer, or at least for a while as cleanup begins. These people are so ungrateful it makes me sick! Quit teaching which is pretty secure with a better than average salary, and go look for another job that pays you "more fairly". What do you have to offer an employer? May be a nurse or brain surgeon? Or, an airline pilot? A retail clerk? Gee whiz, you can't or won't do any of those? These teachers should all be ashamed of themselves but they aren't because they are also a big part of those with their hands out for "what they deserve". If our children were really getting great educations I might feel differently towards public school teachers.
You have stated it well. Obama is Carter x 1000. I never felt Carter was evil as I do Obama , nor did he comport with Muslims, lie and have the backs of the Islamists. Carter was truly in over his head due to lack of experience as is BHO. We knew what Carter believed and though he tried to live his faith he was overwhelmed because he was not equipped for the Presidency. Fun has been made of his "peanut farming" but it was successful. He was a fine Navy man and served his country proudly. Obama seems disdain the US Navy based on his comments. When the Commander in Chief has no idea what weapons are used by our military, or that horses are still widely used in some areas that should worry every single American!
Instead of sending billions of $$$$$ to our enemies in the middle-east, STOP. Re-route all that money to the defense budget so the USA is equipped to defeat the enemy with military might, and keeping the oceans and waterways of the world open and safe. This country's security and safety of her people must be first and foremost. Without securing the USA and building up our military strength we are so vulnerable but Obama either doesn't see it, or does notwant see it so he can continue financial aid to his Muslim friends and the Islamic world! He is truly the wolf in sheep's clothing of which we have been warned!
Anyone can become a Christian! Read John 3:16 to understand God's plan. Confess your sins, ask God's forgiveness and you will be saved. It is so very simple that many people just can't grasp it. When one does this and lives according to God's Word, all the other "good works" naturally come into play because we want to do it. Doing for others and giving is a natural result of being a Christian. There is no mystery about God, the Bible and the gift of salvation and justification! Try Christianity before condemning it.
" Conscientious liberal" is an oxymoron! Someone please in simple words define the term. What I know of liberals is: their hands are in other people's pockets, they want to own my property, and scoff at the Constitution and Bill of Rights as outdated. They are unwilling to pay more regardless of what Obama says! They would rather take it from the middle class. Waiting for someone to break down the 99%: what $$ is upper-middle, what is the middle $$, what is $$ for lower class and what is poverty. I am in the middle of the pack and do not need Obama's help.
I am a 72 y/o woman, registered Independent. The issue of contraception and women's rights was settled a long, long time ago! I remember when "The Pill" hit the market backin the '60s; it was available to every woman, even those who had MediCal (Medicaid) coverage. It was a tremendous boon to all women who chose to avoid pregnancy. These Hollywood-types have no clue how they are being used by the Democrat liberals to try to save Obama! All of them together in that offensive commerical don't have a brain! There are serious issues in this country, girls, but because you are of the 1% you have not idea how close to broke this government is. They don't know what it is to budget on any level!
Have you sent the Pedigree DentaStix ad for dog's teeth? The dogs and their "Chiclet teeth" or "pearly whites" look just like Biden. Do you think Biden took these pictures to his dentist so he could have the same toothy smile? Check it out! Sorry for the disrespect to the beautiful dogs in those ads and commercials.
Please do not post comments in all caps - makes it difficult to read so I skipped over it. No doubt you said something very worthwhile. I think others feel the same about all caps. Thank you very much.
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