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Gov. Lincoln Chafey of Rhode Island will be on Bill O'Reilly this evening to discuss his opposition to calling a Christmas tree a Christmas tree and why he thinks holiday tree is more acceptable. Should be interesting - I expect Bill might just rip Chafey up one side and down the other. Last evening he had an atheist on his show who did not really fare well against Bill.
up and just keep their kids home. Then let their kids explain to their schoolmates why they did not go. Maybe that is what concerns the "grinchies"; they don't want anyone to know how unreasonable and ridiculous they are!
BK22 - excellent reply! I live in southern CA. In my small community there are probably half a dozen churches who hold services in a rented public school building every Sunday. Many of the largest churches began years ago in a school building until they could find a suitable site of their own. I'm sure this occurs throughout the US. Maybe the "grinchy" parents who are down on "Charlie Brown" Christmas don't know it or it would give them another ridiculous cause! lol As we all know "CB CHristmas" is about kindness to others and teaches kids a great lesson. My daughters & grandkids grew up watching every year - I still look forward to CB every year - I'm 72 y/o. The message is sweet and the intent pure! The "grinchy" folks should shut
One has to wonder how Romney would have fared had Marco Rubio been the VP on his ticket. Could that have changed the Hispanic vote dramatically? We will never know. Looking ahead to 2014 and 2016 the GOP must come up with some very different candidates if they expect to win. I do agree there are far too many old, white males in both parties who need to go. We definitely need term limits for Congress to keep it from becoming what it is today. These career politicians do not have new, fresh, young ideas and contribute more of the same - both parties! Most of those in Congress have never held a "real job", like the Pres & VP. We have got to do better as a country. I am an Independent and do not identify with either party.
This has always been a left-wing liberal lie. But, it sure scared many pastors and churches from being too "political" and fearful. How convenient the IRS didn't make this known months ago when it would have changed the face of this campaign. Our pastors have always told us to exercise our right to vote, and vote for Biblical truths which I have done all my life. I do not need anyone to tell me what my heart and mind know is right and truthful. I serve a loving God and I love my country!
The Medicare plan 2003 was for those who DID NOT have any Rx coverage. Many people had supplement Rx coverage, or like me a Medicare Advantage Plan. Not every Medicare recipient has Medicare D; only those without other coverage. I don't know the numbers but it is not "everyone" on Medicare! Most of my friends have a Medicare Advantage Plan which will soon be gone if Obama is re-elected and his plan is fully enforced! Then what will happen? God help us, we have to get rid of this man who has become a joke!
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auntiesamm Wrote: Nov 03, 2012 2:26 PM
Oh, how well I remember the Edsel! One of the ugliest cars ever produced and a joke on the people who bought them! I had friends who bought one, tried to sell it but had no takers! I wonder how many Edsels are rusting away in some "awful car" graveyard? Thank goodness, Edsel is now a distant memory as we hope Obama will be come Tuesday.
Recently I stopped in a dingy, small Planned Parenthood office to inquire about a mammogram . 3 women to answer my questions. They do them in a "different location" - eventually I had 2 addresses. One a free-standing Women's Breast Ctr affiliated with a group. The other in a dangerous part of our area; I doubt this "clinic" had the equipment or expertise to do mammos. had a long career in healthcare; I know the cost of imaging equipment, training of technicians to operate the equipment, expertise of physicians to interpret results, staff to notify patients. My mammos are in an ACCREDITED facility PP lies do not trust your healthcare to them. You may NOT LIVE to regret it! They do abortions & hand out BC pills!
When Bloomberg announced the marathon would go on it further convinced me he is an idiot! He must have his head in a very dark place most of the time! What was he thinking? Did he not realize he would create outrage? But, he could engage those runners from out of town to help in food kitchens, distributing water, clothes, etc. Don't let their trip be wasted and let them feel good about themselves. I believe there are good -hearted people in the group of runners! Why in the world do the people of NY keep him? He is truly a very, very big disaster just waiting to happen!
Samaritan's Purse of NC deployed huge double-semis full of equipment including generations, shovels, chain saws, etc, to NJ the next day, 200 volunteers headed to the area. Saw it on Greta Van Susternan. Why haven't we seen or heard a thing about them on any news station? They had more trucks ready to deploy, volunteers organizing from churches across th country. Is it because they are a faith-based organization? If you really want to see "faith in action" check out this group of Christians who selflessly give to others because they are Christians. I have made a generous donation to Samaritan's Purse for the relief effort because I can trust it will be used for the right reasons. I see their progress on their website..
Cont..... I live in southern CA, surrounded by these illegals. Does anyone think there is an illegal parent telling a child from an early age, as the Rubios did with Marco, to believe they can do anything? First become fluent in English, complete college, have a great career, become a US Senator and someday be President? They have no such desire or concern. I see Marco Rubio, not as a Cuban American, but as an American who will continue to do great things for his country. I see the fire that burns in Marco when he speaks. Yes, I would vote for Marco for President of the US! He is a wonderful role model for every child in this country!
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