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Whatever.....theres not a damn thing you can do about it.
My brother's children are 3 and a newborn...I'm worried about when they are 7, 8, 10.....and playing around and find one of his guns!! Even locked up. Kids get into ANYTHING. When I was a kid I sure did.
Are you blind? I have expressed my grief about that all the time. All of those beautidul black boys in the prime of their youth. It's a terrible tragedy but it's NOT Chicago's fault.
Bigdogwillbechained, Are you spamming this site now with multiple repeat comments? Or was it a result of a) arthritis spasm b) dementia c) the shakes from alcohol withdrawal
Have you seen twitter lately? The NRA is less popular than Al Qiada
Besides, the govt is smart....what if there is some kind of massive civil unrest, insurrection...and supplies of ammo are gobbled up? Our military and domestic security forces would be helpless. I think t's more important for the govt to have that ammo, then a bunch of paranoid reactionairies Hey, did you like seeing Django Unchained get a Best Picture nod? Its gonne WIN
What could I have done? The CPD has it's hands FULL already without me wasting their time
Wish I had a longer break...but i will say this.... If you pledge allegiance to the NRA you are a sick puppy. Since no birthday party invite has been forthcoming, I intend to show up at my brother's house for the party & spend the afternooon with my nephews. While there, I'm going top try ONE LAST TIME to convince him to give up his guns and enter the real world. Every day those little boys spend in a house with guns, is a day they are in danger.
Life didnt change for the Russians. It was bad, and stayed bad.
Who cares how many white men there are in Obama's cabinet? I'd prefer that the most qualified person for the job get hired over fillinng a gender quota
Katie I demanded you take down this untruthful column.
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