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I have to laugh at all the people who imagine me as a glamorous high-priced prostitute. If I were, I would be rolling in money...not that I would ever consider such a degrading profession. As I am a feminist, through and through.
Different types of rights, but yes, both are. Welfare is even mentioned in the Constitution "general welfare" of the people As for my tiny, paltry, miniscule trust payment each month......wills are the essence of private property law.
1. Everybody needs a drink every now and then....even the poor 2. The majority of recipients follow the rules and commit no fraud
Another missive from the garden of White Privelege
WHY shouldnt his precious (and hot) body be protected forever??? YOU PEOPLE are a permanent THREAT!
I'm so sick of working at this place. It makes a Dickensian sweatshop seem like a career upgrade. But this rotten week has been brightened by the Left swinging the club down HARD on gun control. Sayonara. Dont get too attached to those new guns.
And that was by your own fellow troops! lol
Oh well, my break is over and I have to get back to work. I will stay on top of this issue at Townhall. The day that EO comes down, I am throwing a PARTY and celebratinng the beginning of the end for you people
The Wild West needs to be officially buried, then dug up, and cremated. Civilized societies dont have people running around everywhere paranoid and armed to the hilt....even when they are shopping for lettuce.
I'm not a drunk. I drink a few times a weeek, thats all
Whatever.....theres not a damn thing you can do about it.
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