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"You didn't build that" was supposed to mean roads and bridges, what? If that was the case Mr. President, you would have stated " You didn't build those" as roads and bridges are plural. We know what you meant. I'll keep using those roads and bridges (that we paid for with our taxes) so that I can get to and from work so I can continue to pay "not my fair share" so those who don't pay any income tax won't have to pay their fair share.
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MSM: The Unreality Journalists

August19 Wrote: Jun 25, 2012 11:00 PM
I'm wondering if these media jackasses realize that for now freedom of the press is free. I suspect it won't be one of these days when the state doesn't like their message and shuts them down. Hello Cuba and Venezuala. PSNBC is the just the National Enquirer on a TV. If MSNBC was in print media, it's only use would be to line my puppy's cage. Sing along with me now brothers and sisters, sing along now.... Four more months......Four more months........Four more months........
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