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Time Magazine vs Mothers on Mother's Day

AudiR102 Wrote: May 14, 2012 3:48 PM
It's all right there in "Brave New World" ... if you haven't read it lately, read it now. If you haven't ever read it, read it. If you can't read, there are audio versions available. If you can't read a whole book, read the chapter in which Mustapha Mond explains to John Savage succinctly and in clear, unambiguous language the exact building blocks used to build that Brave New World. This nasty little photo is just another brick in that wall...another toddler running into Mommy's cocktail party stark nekkid shouting "Poo Poo Head!" to see if anybody applauds.

TIME Magazine, in synchronized coordination with the rest of the pathetic media, found some random mother and child to exploit to mock a reverent holiday.  The article is presumably about the conflicts associated with “attachment parenting”—a parenting theory popular in the 1970’s that has made a small comeback among mothers today.  

The cover touts a mother posed with her 3-year-old boy (whom they made look much older in the photo) with his mouth fixed on her breast for all to see.  Willing to neglect all social graces to boost their slow sales at TIME, the magazine pits parental rights advocates...

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