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The Teenage Horror of 'Parenthood'

AudiR10 Wrote: Jan 25, 2013 1:55 PM
Um, people who come into the country illegally are breaking the law, and we are a country of laws or anyway we used to be. And people who are convicted of heinous crimes and sentenced to death knew in advance of committing murder that this was a possible outcome, and took that chance. An aborted baby has done nothing illegal, and committed no heinous crime, and has no voice nor say in its execution. I don't see the need to "rationalize" at all. Am I missing something?
The NBC series "Parenthood"' has drawn raves from TV critics this season for a storyline about a 40-something mother fighting cancer. Then on Jan. 1, NBC asked viewers to tune in the following Tuesday for an "unforgettable" new episode. A teenager would get an abortion at Planned Parenthood. Such is NBC's definition of "parenthood."

Drew, one of show's leading teenager characters, has an ex-girlfriend named Amy who comes back to tell him "I'm pregnant." The high school seniors go to the Planned Parenthood clinic, and the scene plays like a political commercial.

The counselor says, "If you decide to...