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The Speech President Obama Should Give

AudiR10 Wrote: Jan 18, 2013 2:17 PM
I am nearing retirement (matter of months) and I have no intention of sacrificing, or being sacrificed, for the benefit of all the moochers and looters who have been sucking away all my income for the past 45 years under the aegis of "need." Y'all have been claiming that because I have no children (or spouse or ex-spouses), own no property, and owe very little debt, I don't "need" all the money you have confiscated to educate YOUR children, build YOUR home equity, and put up that Football Stadium downtown. I suggest that you've had more than your share of what I have produced. I shall sacrifice no more.

President Obama's second inaugural address will be full of lofty sentiments and promises to move us forward. But I'd like to suggest that instead of eloquent and uplifting rhetoric, the president do something unexpected and brave. What if he actually spoke frankly to the American people about the sacrifices that are needed from all of us if we are to secure our future and salvage our character?

During the presidential campaign, the president said a lot about the need for the wealthy among us to pay their "fair share" in taxes. Bolstered by his electoral victory, he was able to win...