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Ivory-tower Obama Can't Abide Views He Doesn't Share

AudiR10 Wrote: Jan 17, 2013 10:41 AM
Obama is a combination of a megalomaniac and a university Sophomore (which come to think of it is pretty much the same thing). He knows everything there is to know, and his response to anyone who disputes him is profanity-laced name calling. Most men grow out of this stage. Some never do. Obama is beginning to remind me of Idi Amin Dada. When he comes out in a uniform, look out.
Younger Wrote: Jan 17, 2013 11:55 AM
Think of the meaning of "Sophomore." The word comes from two Greek words, one meaning wise and the other meaning fool. He knows a little bit, thinks he is wise--and shows that he knows very little.

To judge from his surly demeanor and defiant words at his press conference on Monday, Barack Obama begins his second term with a strategy to defeat and humiliate Republicans rather than a strategy to govern.

His point blank refusal to negotiate over the debt ceiling was clearly designed to make the House Republicans look bad.

But Obama knows very well that negotiations usually accompany legislation to increase the government's debt limit. As Gordon Gray of the conservative American Action Network points out, most of the 17 increases in the debt ceiling over the last 20 years have been part of broader...