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Detroit: Rock City Has Hit Rock Bottom

AudiR10 Wrote: Mar 01, 2013 4:34 PM
Put a fence around it and set up ticket booths and call it "Liberal Land" -- run tour buses through it with commentary. Armor plated tour buses with serious weaponry on board. Japanese tourists will come; and after them, people from real live Former Soviet Bloc countries, and no doubt parties of Cubans. They will tell their stories to the American tourists who will mingle with them (everybody, after all, likes to gawp at a disaster, provided they can do it in reasonable safety). You might as well save something from the rubble. Everyone, said my Southern Granny, serves a purpose in this world, even if only as a terrible example.

Welcome to the post-sequester apocalypse. As much as President Obama will have us believe otherwise, the greatest financial catastrophe in the coming days will not be of Washington’s making at all.  

If you’re looking to see what a policy of liberalism can do to a city, look no further then Rock City.  Despite one of the most aggressive ECD campaigns featuring celebrities Eminem, Jeff Daniels and Tim Allen, not even Hollywood can save Detroit from going broke. It is on the verge of being taken over by the State of Michigan in hopes of saving the city from bankruptcy.

President Obama...