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The Laugh-A-Minute Abortion Telethon

AudiR10 Wrote: Nov 22, 2013 3:25 PM
This is a disgusting concept -- but possibly if this kind of thing gets more publicity, the backlash would do the pro-life side of the argument a lot more good than it does for the Filthy Dirty Kidz side.
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Saving the Motor City

AudiR10 Wrote: Nov 04, 2013 6:01 PM
Build a fence around Detroit and put up ticket booths and signs reading Democrat Utopia -- then run tours aboard armor plated buses with sharpshooters on board, and explain to the tourists just exactly what led to this fiasco -- 50 years of Democrat rule and a Union Workforce. The Japanese and Chinese would flock there in droves, especially if you build a casino somewhere nearby. Make extra money by selling insurance and bulletproof vests, helmets and briefcases. I bet you'd make a fortune.
My Dad and Mom did the same. They never earned more than $10,000 per year during their entire lifetimes (each) and Mama retired at age 80 only because we made her retire. Two of us worked our way through college and one through Katherine Gibbs secretarial school; one made an advantageous marriage to a man who signed a very stupid support order (to keep paying alimony until she remarried, which she didn't until he died) and the other one has just this year at age 56 finally started understanding capitalism when she got a job in an office and figured out where all that money comes from. All the grandchildren are married with kids and mortgages and good jobs; the mothers stay home with the kids or have home-based businesses, and nobody has been in any kind of trouble. Sometimes we do get it right.
I was born in 1948 and I have absolutely nothing at all in common with people born in 1962. Shouldn't we have stopped the Boomer Generation in 1958 or right before Sputnik went into space?
If you haven't read Brave New World, it's time you read it. If you haven't read it lately, read it again. If you can't read a whole book, read the first two chapters and the one where Mustapha Mond explains to John Savage just exactly how the Brave New World was created. It's all right there -- permanent infantalisation, free drugs, sex and entertainment, light, easy work and a daily dose of Slogans murmured by your pillow as you take your nap. "I do like new clothes, I do like new toys ... ending is better than mending ..." it's all right there. Read it.
This is what you get when you let a creature whose development stopped in his sophomore year of college sit in the Big Boy Chair in the Oval Office and try to run things like all money comes from Mom and Dad and needs only be picked up out of the mailbox -- and the credit card bills can be sent to them too. Just wait until these brats discover that Mom and Dad have retired, sold the house including the basement where they live, and moved to the Villages where they don't allow anybody under 65. HAHAHA!
Just keep on repeating "We Told You So" and pointing out that they did in fact tell you so. I was a claims adjuster in a previous life, and spent day after day saying "Read your contract, sir. Well, it's not my fault you didn't read it until your roof fell in, but read your contract and you'll see I am right." Anyone who believes a man who says "Don't read your contract -- just trust me" deserves to be cheated.
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Libertarian Jesus

AudiR10 Wrote: Oct 28, 2013 3:41 PM
There is nothing in our Constitution that permits the outright forcible removal of goods from people you don't like in order to hand them over to people you do like, or think you might like, and congratulate yourself for your "charity" which was done by others with stolen money to be charged to your heavenly account? Jesus never, ever yelled through a bullhorn, "Force your neighbours to feed My Sheep." Never once. Not at all. Each individual Christian is urged by Jesus to spend his or her own time, talent and treasure to feed His sheep. With his or her own money, talent or time. Not by grabbing stuff that belongs to someone else and throwing it out the window of your limo.
It might replace "Stop and Frisk" in some neighbourhoods...
John McCain should not be invited to speak on any Fox News program from now until his term ends. He ought to be in a home somewhere, throwing his slippers at the TV. Peter King is a crackpot, and Lindsey Graham is a weakling with a wispy voice to prove it. Out they go.
A lot of them in rural Alabama (where Mama comes from) believed that when "One of [them]" became President, Free Goodies would be the norm. Suddenly one day there are suddenly plenty of goodies, but NO MONEY. And how could they blame the Black Skin they elected without verifying what manner of creature was inside it? Justice Scalia, any comment?
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