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Col. Allan West wrote a piece concerning this act, and laid out a concise plan of action to wipe IS i.e. ISIL i.e. ISIS off the map if he was president. After reading it, I was astonished to realize I had forgotten just what a leader can accomplish with little time and no advisors sitting around a room. I am embarrassed to know the feckless POTUS is still playing golf and refused to take questions. As one person tweeted: what hashtag will you use Mr. President, to end this madness?
From what I've read, there have been 70 assassination attempts so far on Obama.
Because by the time the hearings begin the liberals will be bored of the conclusion which they already heard about and pay zero attention to it. Just like when Obama said there wasn't a smidgin of wrongdoing on the part of the IRS months before it's conclusion, which is yet to come. This is how they roll.
"We all know who the obstructers are". That's right Ed. And the longer they obstruct the better it is - for America! The republicans don't have to do a damn thing except keep repeating.... close the border.
Catchy tune. Wish it had subtitles.
1- Since when does Turkey write its headlines in French? 2- those pro- Israel protesters were attacked by pro-Palestinians who were allowed to cross the street by police who looked the other way. 3- Israel has never been the aggressor and can turn Gaza to glass if it wanted to. The Palestinians have been used by Hamas and they stupidly comply. The Arab world rejects the Palestinians as they could have offered millions of acres for their home but never have. They are using them as an excuse for war with Israel. The Palestinians could have taken Gaza and built a country, secure in the knowledge that they could live in peaceful coexistence with their neighbor. They could have joined the rest of the world in the twentieth century. Instead, they remain in the seventh, living in self appointed poverty and using donkey carts to carry their wounded. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. It's been sixty five years. Maybe they should take a different approach.
I agree with Holder. Both he and Obama Have been treated differently because of their race. Had they been white both would have been impeached, indicted and imprisoned.
As the days roll on and nothing gets done this POS POTUS wins. I just read on another site that HHS has been giving millions upon millions of dollars to the Catholic & Baptist churches from 2010 -2013 in preparation for clothing & housing for "aliens". That time coincides with the govt. ad for transport from Central America. So for the past four years kids have been arriving in large numbers. Miami reports about five hundred arrived recently and they are looking for federal dollars to cover costs, but don't expect it to come quickly. There's also about three hundred more in central Florida. With the leftist media hiding these developments, who really knows how many illegals have come through.
I just wrote that same thing to a friend of mine. Everything has been prepared for a large influx to FEMA camps. The govt. put out bids for food and linen to be delivered within a three day window. Millions of those hollow point bullet orders. Humvees delivered to police depts. nationwide. Vets, preppers, registered gun owners beware. This is the plan.
Sitting unarmed on some base where their bunks have been converted to nurseries no doubt.
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