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I'va always said, the harder I work, the luckier I get.
Yeah, giant POS.
And on a lighter note, she only makes $175,000 per year. Is this a great country, or what?
Well, they'll get THEIR medical care right....yours, ours, not so much.
dibs on the cartoon everything when it come to barry.
jeezzzzz ur such a um racist, iNoRight?
I bet the spawn looks just like slick willie the predator. No, I mean EXACTLY like bill. ewe, gross. Why go out when ya can go down the hall! Arkansas.
Well, DUH, commonsense, we have to work, to pay taxes, so they can take vacations that we can't afford, at OUR expense. What part of income redistribution and vote-buying don't you understand? Our (your and my) problem is we haven't figured out a way to forgive ourselves for being the worthless parasites that sooo many have. Not to mention (as I mention it anyway) the fact that I HAD TO take a drug test to get my job (which I'm very OK with) so I could work and pay taxes and fund welfare for someone who DOESN'T HAVE TO take the same drug test to get my forced welfare donation.
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