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After Obama

AtlHarleyDave Wrote: Apr 04, 2013 10:42 AM
I wish. My expectation is that he will be around forEVER, like slick willie, shoving his nose and opinion into everything, worth hundreds of millions of $$, second-guessing every decision being made, etc. His incredible narcissism won't allow him to be anything other than the center of attention. It won't allow him now, why will it later? But, we can dream........

We can imagine what lies ahead in 2017 -- no matter the result of either the 2014 midterm elections or the 2016 presidential outcome.

There will be no more $1 trillion deficits. About $10 trillion will have been added to the national debt during the Obama administration, on top of the more than $4 trillion from the prior eight-year George W. Bush administration. That staggering bipartisan sum will force the next president to be a deficit hawk, both fiscally and politically.

In addition, there will be no huge new federal spending programs -- no third or fourth stimulus, no vast new...