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Um, Muslims BELIEVE IN terrorism. Their precious book of stories instructs them to KILL the infidel...to deceive in order to further Islam. As long as they as furthering their cause it is acceptable. Do some research. There are NO Muslims "extremist" only Muslims who follow the Koran.
It won't be in Tom Wolfe gets elected...
Medved is a hack that likes to play footsy with liberals. I stopped listening to him years when he was blathering that Obitler was "just inexperienced" and really meant no harm. I began reading the article before I realized who wrote it. He is oblivious to the threat we are facing with Obutt at the helm.
I believe the blame goes to the bus loads of non-English speaking ILLEGALS that got "help" from "interpreters" to vote democratic. This happened in Ohio, PA and FL that I know of. Who knows where else. all they had to do was hit the key states and it was done. NON-Americans "voting" in our election. The election process is a joke. And I know for a fact that the election was called even before all the votes were in in WA state. We have a 100% mail-in vote. Many people didn't mails theirs out till Tuesday, so how the h*ll can they tally votes when they are still in the mail???
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How Liberals Argue About Healthcare

Atlanticgrl Wrote: Sep 06, 2012 12:57 PM
Actually it was the mid-80sthey began. When I was in high school my father's company went HMO and we could no longer see our GREAT family doctor. We had to switch to some clinic where there was a revolving station of docs. No choice, you got who was available. I had to go twice... they were not nice, they didn't give a cr@p, they spent less than 10 minutes with you, but the wait was over 30.
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