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This impressive insight was brought to you by the wing of the GOP that gave us the Iraq War, Medicare Part D, and the EPA, which just made almost all wood burning stoves illegal. You're the liberal idiots that everybody, both right and left, hates.
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Will Obama Lose Egypt?

athornton canny Wrote: Aug 15, 2013 10:40 PM
Maybe we should have ceded it the the Egyptians?
Paul can't serve as VP after having been President. The rules say that person has to be eligible to serve, and Paul wouldn't be. The chain should be Paul/Cruz, Cruz/Amash, then Amash/Someone Who Is Just Now Finishing College
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athornton canny Wrote: Jan 01, 2013 8:53 PM
The culture is dead. The freedom wing of the GOP was mocked and scorned while the war mongers spend like there is an endless pit of money to fund it all. I wish I had been savvy enough to see all this before I had kids - I regret bringing them in to a world that wants them for nothing more than slavery.
This is what happens when the GOP compromises with liberals. "Common sense" gun control equals a list of those who owns guns. And you know that if the paper was publishing the names of women that had abortions, the liberals would already be pestering the advertisers. We suck.
That's bass-ackwards. Families are made up of individuals. Nations that put some popular political notion of the public good over individual rights are destined to fail.
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