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Republican Surrenderists for Obamacare

aTheist Wrote: Jun 13, 2012 4:55 PM
There is no problem forcing the coverage of pre-existing conditions, provided you have had continuous coverage. Meanwhile, the insurance companies have found a loophole. Yes, the pre-existing conditions are now covered by law... except now, now they have a tiny life-time payment cap! This means that the condition that was once covered by the previous old policy, is now a pre-exiting condition under the new policy. The policy had to change because the old policy was not in compliance with the new law. But now, the new policy has a life-time cap for that condition of $7,000. An amount that is exhausted within the first year. So... the premium goes up by 40% and the condition is tapped out and we are left SOL. Thanks for nothing 0-bama

During the summer of 2009, conservative activists turned up the heat on Democratic politicians to protest the innovation-destroying, liberty-usurping Obamacare mandate. In the summer of 2012, it's squishy Republican politicians who deserve the grassroots flames.

In case you hadn't heard, even if the Supreme Court overturns the progressives' federal health care juggernaut, prominent GOP leaders vow to preserve its most "popular" provisions. These big-government Republicans show appalling indifference to the dire market disruptions and culture of dependency that Obamacare schemes have wrought.

GOP Sen. Roy Blunt of Missouri, vice chair of the Senate GOP Conference, told a St. Louis...