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spartacus3344 Wrote: Yes, and right f**king now. But isn't this equal to saying "it is not extremists but all muslims are responsible for terrorism and should be removed"
Then what do you want the whole IRS to be sacked? Aren't 2 people and the head of IRS losing jobs enough, you want the whole bunch of them to lose their fine jobs?
I do understand that a significant portion of the conservatives in USA are genuinely upset about the recent events in our Government, I hope Obama will seize the initiative in his press conference today and clarify and clear the uncertainty around the events and begin anew
Obama will have to do much more than that to save his job
I think the next constituency is the Department of Homeland Security, he should ask them to buy more bullets and at the same time push for gun controls
I did not understand the connection with racism. There are black, white, red, yellow, and brown republicans as well. How can questioning be termed as racism. Infact by being protectionist towards a black POTUS Chris is being a racist indicating that the POTUS is weak and cannot defend himself.
I don't understand why can't Obama invoke the "Executive Privelege" like in Fast and Furious and bury everything under the bus. Why does he need to accept anything is wrong, going down the path he is taking the forces of fundamentalism will not be satisfied by any action. After the IRS they would also like the head of Obama, instead of pleasing them Obama should stand firm and tell the truth that nothing is wrong
Guys if they know then they are deep deep trouble, if they do not know they are in trouble, hence it makes sense not to know anything. I think that is the way leading organizations work the best, where nobody knows anything.
Because they are making positive contribution towards society and not playing politics
Surprising to the level to which the right wing senators can stoop to, to gain a few political points.
But without an independent IGs report, how can anyone expect him to take action? Would anyone like to be fired from his position without an enquiry? I hope the enquiry punishes the lower ranking officials guilty of wrong doing and also for leaking the wrong doings to media
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