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Dear Pistol euphemism and stylistic writing were the hallmarks till the events at the White House came to light. With the coming to light of the different events it is better to tell the truth bluntly like Maddow
That is exactly the point
You want POTUS to jump off the cliff and commit suicide and why would he release the remaining emails if the current set of emails are creating so much problems, how would the remaining emails help the situation? He released his original birth certificate did it help? People started saying it was fake. A better idea would be to bury all documents under executive privilege.
To protect our nation and our people
Hi Quintus we liberals are not taught to be creative we are taught to follow our great leaders
Now that is not an easy one, you have to look at the whole situation in its entirety and there could be a whole range of reasons and the primary one being that they did not want to put more personnel in harms way than the ones who had already been harmed
This is not a scandal as it is being made out in the right wing media. This was just a tussle between CIA officials and DHS officials and bureaucratic mush that remained after their tussle to reword the talking points keeping the security concerns in mind. Linking this to BHO, or Hillary Clinton is not correct at all they are real patriots who have the best of USA on their mind and will certainly deliver justice to the 4 Americans who died in the Benghazi attacks.
Yikes: Why is the world going topsy turvy? Like this liberalism in USA will die a liberal death :(
spartacus3344 Wrote: Yes, and right f**king now. But isn't this equal to saying "it is not extremists but all muslims are responsible for terrorism and should be removed"
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