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John McCain comes out of his recent performances as boring, rude, and highly offensive. I was appalled at his behavior during Mr. Hagel's hearings. He came across as a belligerent bully. When he took to the Senate floor to rebuke a member of his own party for exercising his rights as a senator, I thought McCain was divisive at best. He was grandstanding for the press. I have lost all respect for him. The Republican party cannot depend upon him at all and he behaves as if he is Republican for convenience only. The GOP would be better off without him. His should fade quietly into retirement.
I agree that she is a lady worth watching. She is not in my district, either, but she represents Florida rather well, I think.
It is not just the teachers, but principals and other administrators as well, who seem to be incapable of rational thought. Their judgement is, to say the least, questionable. Why are these people turned loose on children? They are the danger to our society. In a sad way, it is interesting to note that it is not just Florida educators who look stupid when their reactions make the press.
LOL. I was annoyed by the previous post and then read yours. :)
Am I wrong in that, as a RETIRED general, Mr. Petraeus is not subject to a UCMJ trial in this matter, that this indiscretion was "allegedly" discovered while the FBI was trying to find someone who was trying to hack his computer, and that if, as a private citizen, he could be subpoenaed and "spill his guts?" I cannot see a career military man knowingly allowing other military/government employees to be murdered on his watch, but he would understand the chain of command. Will he allow the sleeze masters to make it worse? Oh, this is foul. What pressure was put to bear? This makes me sick.
California and Massachusetts do elect some "interesting" representatives, but we in Florida hold our own with embarrassing politicians. Then you have a Georgia politician wondering in an island can tip over . . . This is our representative government. Oh, my!
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Benghazi: A Dereliction of Duty

asouthernbelle Wrote: Oct 25, 2012 11:30 AM
I wonder when the two men who died on the roof firing a machine gun realized that nobody was coming to their defense? Having been SEALS, they would have known about emergency responses. It galls me to my core to think the government of the United States abandoned them. I know that FNC reported a team came to rescue some of the staff in the safe house. How many and when? At least on this operation all the details are not out on the front page of the WSJ - unlike when " BHO killed" OBL. Since this one is not favorable to this administration, the lid is on - and in this case I think we need to know what happened.
Paul Ryan has always conducted himself in such a manner that his family and his community could be proud of him. And he knows what he is talking about! I just love that young man! Now our Vice President . . . I was embarrassed for him, and I cannot imagine that I was the only one who thought his behavior was beneath his office!
Thanks@Carlos. I had no idea how to do this, but it is now done.
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