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Why are you even here female, the bible says you just property, do you have your husbands permission to speak, your sex is not even good enought to be a priest or a bishop or a pope , so go back to the kitchen and cook the food, let your betters talk, your sex is the reason Adam had to leave paradise, you wicked and evil thing. LOL
No, in fact I am not tolerant by any means, I think most of you people are defective, and should be culled by an apocalips. I think your god has one planned you. Hopefully soon.
So Kevlar how many teenage boys have you been with, it sounds like you have a lot of knowledge on the subject, you should turn yourself in now and save your family the embarrassment.
Somehow long have you had this thing about 11 year olds. Anderson you may be speaking for your self, that's fair. You do not speak for others. I have seen the fear, I have heard the pleas, I have watched as they froth at the mouth. Afraid for their very life.
Christians worship a serial killer and call it god, you know the one, kills first born children, murders millions by flood, turns mothers in to salt, tells it followers to kill in mass, yea sounds like A hate group to me, that is unless you like doing all that. Then your just evil.
It just shows that you not very smart "armed and Not safe" you don't even have the brains to get on a hate list, how funny, you have been bested by very stupid people, so what does that say about you. Let me explain it to you, YOUR STUPID.
I think it is so funny, let's say there are 250 million people in this country. From what I have seen of the comments here, gays, Jews, and commies, oh and people other than white have all the rest of y'all running and screaming for god, cause we are taking over. Well get use to it, we are "We the people " to. Your best days are behind you, your rein of terror is closing. We the other people, are no longer afraid of you, in fact from what I see here you are terrified of us, as well you should be, we have learned all your tricks, we have improved many of them. We can and do live among you, some you know, many you do not. We are using your very laws in our favor, because we are smarter than you, and there is nothing you can do about it.
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