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Issa's committee did not listen to Dave Voth because his testimony and that of others, didn't fit their agenda.
That would be excellent because it is all true.
That sounds very "smart" of you.
I know that she wrote a book that is filled with conspiracy theory and false statements by whistleblowers. I think Dave Voth may have a case against Pavlich for all of her inaccurate reporting.
What is a "Leftard"? You certainly can ignore me as I will ignore your strange comments and ignorance towards the English language. I'm just trying to make a point regarding how Katie Pavlich reports "news".
And Katie Pavlich is unbiased?
So then Dave Voth should have his lawyer request that CBS News & Sheryl Attkinson retract their initial story where John Dodson shares an email that he mischaracterizes as being sent in response to gun walking complaints. The OIG found this claim to be false. John Dodson has been out to smear Dave Voth since day one.
Scratching your head?? "SHOT DEAD at the hands of our own'???? Do you think ATF agents killed agent Terry? A bad person killed agent Terry and we should be condemning the killer rather than ATF agents who were working really hard on this huge case. I'm sorry but one statement in an email to another agent does not in any way provide you with good insight into his character. Again, Katie Pavlich is taking whatever material she can to prove her conspiracy theory.
Shame on you Katie Pavlich! You have absolutely no idea how Dave Voth felt after hearing the news that Agent Terry died!
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Barack Obama's Bloodiest Scandal

Aslg45344 Wrote: Apr 16, 2012 11:44 AM
Yes, good points. I have not read her book but understand that many of her "inside" information comes from whistleblowers who provided false testimony to congress.
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