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Romney's Religion Shapes the Man, Not the Message

AskthisMormon Wrote: Jun 01, 2012 12:04 PM
Good Article, Suzanne, these days we feel the sneering and sarcasm more from the Godless subset of the left more than from Evangelicals or Protestants. Most people these days who have the strongest distaste for the Latter-day Saints tend to have strong animosity toward people of faith, period.
A tiny incident in the life of a candidate can sometimes tell us more about him than a dozen speeches or television commercials. When Mitt Romney paused to rub his wife's aching feet after a tough and tiring day of campaigning in Michigan last fall, we got just a glimmer, but a bright one, of insight into the man who would be president.

Romney, so we're told over and over, is a stuffed shirt who doesn't smoke or drink and lacks quotable spontaneity. He should loosen up. Well, it's time to talk about his warmer qualities.

Here was an off-camera intimacy,...