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Jindal: Obama, Congress Are “Psychologically Incapable of Getting our Fiscal House in Order”

AskmewhyIleftCA Wrote: Dec 06, 2012 3:50 PM
Facts speak volumes. This country is as polarized as it has ever been, on a par with the civil war. This applies to EVERY major issue of, and/or approach to US policy (our global role, our path to economic prosperity, our responsibility for the state of the world's environment, Immigration, and Defense). To anyone willing to be objective we see no appetite for compromise, on either side. MAYBE one side is a 1 of 10, the other a 0. You pick ... still stinks ... makes Jindal's statement a simple one of fact. In case you did not notice, he did not pick a "side". He said its ALL broken. To the point that we need the government to have stiff governance of itself. That BOTH parties would oppose these measures is PROOF of how needed they are

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has penned an interesting op-ed in Politico today in which he recommends four structural reforms congressional Republicans should pursue vigorously during the so-called “fiscal cliff” negotiations. They are as follows (emphasis mine):

A federal balanced budget amendment. States have balanced budget laws, small businesses have to balance their budgets, and families have to do the same. This is an idea that is supported by virtually every American who does not live in the 202 area code. It’s common sense. It is also laughed at in Washington. When you mention the BBA as a solution, they...