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Phony Scandal number six? seven? ten? And what a surprise - secret, no-so-transparent handling with thuggish illegal tactics, threats and complete disregard for the health and well-being of innocent and law-abiding Americans. Are you kidding me - contaminated, disease invested kids shipped across the US? It's the stuff of an Apocalyptic movie that could "never happen here". Where is the CDC? Someone put it on the news so President Obama can express outrage and create a #get-to-the-bottom-of-this promise.
1) Unfortunately RU486 is NOT a contraceptive. It is an abortifacient. That means it kills the conceived child. That's the same death an abortionist deals with his tools, are dealt with chemical introduced into the pregnant woman. 2) A great number of religious people believe the very acts of preventing pregnancy by unnatural acts (i.e. condoms, birth control pills, etc.) are also like murdering the child that could evolve. To me that is a bit extreme, but who am I, or you, to tell people what to believe? So don't force your view on others.
Even IF they did not destroy emails intentionally, the Federal Records Act and the documented IRS policy to prove compliance, demand their not losing any emails. Pretty much everyone knows that "ignorance of the law is no excuse". In some cases the laws consider intent (i.e. murder vs. manslaughter), but that is LAW. You do not get to add intent as a variable outside of what the law prescribes. The law does not say "do your best to save the records, but it's OK if you don't as long as you pinky swear." Not allocating the funds and resources is criminal negligence. Re-allocating IRS resources to more tax collection or evasion prosecution is a noble and good goal. Saving Federal records is the LAW. No business can (legally) ignore the burdensome regulations foisted on them every day in the interest of goals more important to them. “We meant to reach the emissions levels target” will still get you fined, according to the law if you miss them. The very sword the Democrats use to get their way is now going to kill them. EVERY case of missing email records is a Federal crime. The government bureaucracy is NOT ABOVE THE LAW. We have laws for the good of we, the people. They are not flexible “suggestions” for the elite government apparatus to choose at will, any more than they are for businesses or taxpayers. The top down near total disrespect for the rule of law in this administration has boiled over, the same way a dysfunctional parent raises children who are messed up in the same way. Character matters.
Yes, and Malaysia airlines flight 370 crashing has not been substantiated. Neither has Jimmy Hoffa's murder. What's your point, Earnest?
They have plenty to hang those responsible for letting these records "disappear", if that's what they are admitting to, for the moment. That should go pretty high up the IRS IT organization if not to the Director as well. Set them up with some jail time and let's see if they suddenly remember or find something
Peter King is a small man with a big mouth and bigger ego. Cruz OWNED him, with total class.
ditto this ^^^ Hope the truth get's exposed -- the work of some overzealous network administrator, or a higher up dictating to same?
... bringing a newborn baby into the world will leave a lasting impact on them for the rest of their lives. ... AS WILL KILLING THEIR CHILD
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The Haves and Have-Nots

AskmewhyIleftCA Wrote: Jun 17, 2014 6:06 PM
Thanks for saving me the time to lambast this fact-less campaigner for his leaders' cause. The only thing I would add is his speculation that the world did and would again retreat into the most vile selfishness... "Each country will protect its own and use any means necessary to beggar thy neighbor, echoes rumbling from the past." Really? Well the US admitted a paltry 4million in the 1920s compared to 6million the previous decade. Also, the rate of immigration (legal only) continues the declining trend, but since 2010 it is virtually flat. Hardly seems to qualify as beggaring thy neighbor.
DSMike ... Appreciate your service and insights. Thoughts on your assessment. ... When you confront the school yard bully and keep him from mashing innocent little kids, he does often ramp up the heat, gather his other bully buddies and set his sights on taking you down (usually from behind, like a coward). That is how I explain (in addition to Jihad and Islam itself) the hatred of America and the world. Where would Israel, and the rest of the free world be today if we never stepped in over 75 years? Eventually the situation would have gotten to a true WW, like it always does when you appease and ignore the bullies. The performance and execution in the ME "peace-keeping", I agree has been flawed and rife with individual aspect of profiteering and incompetence. But your premise (and that of Ron Paul) that all would be good if we had not been engaged is only speculation that has absolutely no precedent in history, or example in logic, to my knowledge. If you are arguing that isolationism would have left us like Switzerland, un-attacked, that is also speculation and fallacy. Germany had POW camps in Switzerland, and the Swiss were useful, pliable pawns. If not for the US, they would have fallen later, to the degree they were not blonde/blue, but certainly a wholly different life. Isolation only keeps you last in line as the bullies' target to overcome and absorb.
The only thing better than beating McAulliffe is using the kind of hardball but legal tactic to honor the people's will that Dems use all the time to bypass it. I am basking in the glow of the irony and leftist fury. Howl 'til you're hoarse Donkeys.
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