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What a neurotic bundle of nerve endings this woman looks like. She trembles in her sleep from the horrors of school yard names she was called. They apparently hurt so much when she was 6 that she now makes it a cause over about a million more worthwhile ventures. What puzzles me is how the heck Condi rice got duped into playing this game with them.
Why? Simple ... because they can. Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.
Thinking about relocating. Fiji sounds about right at the moment.
Only part you seemed to miss was wisdom regarding humility .... like, pride comes before a fall, And for their sake, lets pray they don't pick up your snide and snotty put-downs
Tell me why FB and Google are not seen as selfish, profiteering evil monsters who use resources "not their own" (our personal/private lives) to benefit their pocketbooks? Worse in fact they exhibit a clear strong and overt political bias. They've clearly exercised deep influence over the past several major US elections for example, hidden under a very thin veil of legality via grand machinations.
With the kind of leadership demonstrated in this campaign, I'd strongly agree with the need to boost female leadership training at the earliest stages. Hopefully some who will learn that affirmative action and victim status make them weak sisters and not leaders.
One of the biggest obstacles to that change, however, is the Senate Conservatives Fund,... because in my view this group ... claim to share our goals but undermine them at every turn. ----->>>>> If by "OUR" goals you mean conservatives, OF COURSE those goals are not yours. You may have missed it, but as you got deeper and deeper into the politics of cronyism and self-enrichment, true Conservatives got off of your parade. Your initial reaction, gleeful to crush the tea party, IS who you are sir. You ARE quite skilled at rallying the press for a rousing round of "this is what I meant you to hear". Sadly for you, we have been inoculated to that by Mr. Obama.
Dear Smugglers: From henceforth you are free to: - ignore Border Patrol Agents' orders to freeze, stop or stand down from your actions - hurl projectiles such as rocks at Border Patrol agents interfering with your commerce - run over Border Patrol agents who attempt to block your escape - call our toll free hotline to report Border Agent abuses ... 1.800.yesucan
Of course it was un-American. It was also bullying, racist, sexist, not the way a G8 nations congressman would act and on the wrong side of history. But regarding the investigation and Lois Lerner .... LOOK A SQUIRREL ....
Pitiful. Straw .... Camel .... SNAP
Wow ... I just heard John Kerry say how much this move would "hurt Russia on the international stage". "He'll lose his glow from the Olympics". ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I am so sure he's peeing his pants right now, shaking in his boots about how much this will hurt. News Flash Mr. Ketchup ... it is the USA that is losing its standing on the international stage as we speak, literally in synch with each time you and Mr. Obama open your mealy mouths to voice empty warnings.
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