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Yeah, these complaints sort of ring hollow when they are coming from people who call patriots "tea baggers" and embrace Harry Reid's hysteria from the Senate floor.
.... "raise me up a crop of dental floss"
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The Patriotism of Prosperity

AskmewhyIleftCA Wrote: Aug 13, 2014 3:10 AM
The shareholders would and should be asking why would a corporation NOT do that? They prefer the profits be paid in dividends, higher stock value, growth or all the above, not more taxes. If a CFO/CEO are neglecting their fiduciary duty to the stockholders they can be punished, by board action or law (SOX). ... Oh, by the way.... the stock holders are pretty much anyone who has a pension, retirement plan or other investment in American companies' stock .. like you, me and a boat load of liberals too. They are certainly free to donate 10-20% if their 401K or IRA appreciation to the government every year ... its a free country.
Who gets fired for passing the CIC the notion that we needn't bother with aspirations of a Caliphate from JV players. Was it the same person who said it was a good idea to undo the Strategic Defense Initiative as a showing of good faith to the Russians, so they would keep their treaty agreements. The same person who decided to give Iran $Billions of concessions to continue negotiating past the double-dare ya, red line dead line? Was it Obama's ideas they are parroting? Inquiring minds (like our Congressional Committees on Armed Services? Homeland Security? Foreign Relations? Intelligence?) SHOULD want to know.. Gross Incompetence barely begins to describe these decisions.
Next, the Obama administration will be entering negotiations with the new state, and sending aid to them to stay at the table longer. The UN will add them to the security council.
Seems like they have "dropped it", and agreed before your unnecessary reminder or suggestion. What's your reason for insulting them? Mayhap you should butt out.
Seems like they have "dropped it", and agreed before your unnecessary reminder or suggestion. What's your reason for insulting them? Mayhap you should butt out.
Uh,... this is the same CDC that moved buildings and left multiple vials of pathogens behind, right? And the same administration that is parsing thousands of uninspected people from multiple countries out to all corners of the US, with barely a sniff of a health check. That doesn't sound like proper protocol. As great as the professionals at Emory are or could be, that scenario of bringing in the worst of the worst is not a choice that should be made by one man. Certainly not by one with no predeliction for humility, taking responsibility, or managing important affairs and crisis. I would feel less fearful if this did not feel like a political stunt, or at minimum, another decision in a vacuum with cronies and yes people at his side.
Many of us share the same fears and heartbreak for our missionaries. This is a very tough call to make, one that in a scenario easily imagined, decimates our country. What President would unilaterally command, or allow this choice by the CDC, without conference at the highest levels of Congress and with appropriate external expertise? The only protection for the American public at large from a megalomaniac, narcissist making one too many (wrong) decisions on his own are the checks and balances prescribed by Congress. IF there was no cross-branch discussion and agreement had, or required, we better be looking even harder at restricting the powers of the executive branch. Not to mention reigning in this President in particular, and holding him accountable for his continued rogue attitude.
With allies like Obama and Kerry, who needs enemies?
Her number one priority should be to be as informed at least as much as modestly caring and attentive Americans to a huge national security issue. The Iron Dome is hardly secret and quite in the news. But kudos for getting in the obligatory double speak, "I LOVE Israel, but ware is so sad"
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