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For God's sake, they're all wearing their Democrat blue, just to shove it further into our faces. Hell is too good for these arrogant &%(*^$ Commissioners.
Under the cover of 3 unelected bureaucrats with absolute power, Barack Obama has foisted 332 pages of regulation on (users of) the internet to accomplish what? Wealth redistribution, and government hands in the till, reducing the value of what the people who pay for all of this (us) get. Another Dictator-like power grab, affected by the most sleazy, devious and ethically challenged administration in the history of the country.
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Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest

AskmewhyIleftCA Wrote: Feb 19, 2015 10:14 AM
Obama's staff from cabinet on down is made up of Syncophants, whose only qualifications are blind adoration of their Master Community organizer, and particularly arrogant attitudes that match his demeanor. Every one of them lacks any shred of humility. They see integrity as doing anything for their cause, not using a conscience to check their motives.
Confess I have only seen retreads, of rumors of speculation on this. Can you point me to first person / situation evidence? I am not being a smartass, really would like to know. Thanks
Making the case that Foreign policy EXPERIENCE trumps all will make Hillary the President. She has already gotten a pass from the American public at large for her screw ups. She will deflect all of the bad of her tenure onto Obama, campaign like a Republican and win the middle. It needs to come down to the vision, and skills to execute it as an executive.
As long as they are in a confessional mode, I'd like to know who is responsible for James Taylor in particular and the whole snobblefest that was John Kerry going to Paris when he did. My money says this has Marie Harf's junior high brain behind it all the way.
Obama continues to embrace his "one equal world by distributing the wealth of evil America" policy. Idiots follow, facts be damned. News at 11:00.
Really? "...no indication that social environment after birth has an effect on gender identity or sexual orientation"? In what cocoon of selective and biased research have you spent all your time? Not disputing (or validating) your statements regarding early childhood development. But even if true, would hardly account for many cases of behavioral-based selection.
These bimbos are smug, arrogant and good only at weasel wording. They know how to cover up any reality possibly seen as having a negative impact on their team with red herrings, half truths, feints, and parsing of words. Their thin skin, exposed here and in their everyday rudeness, is the height of unprofessionalism. They are clones of their boss, and he of his ... under-prepared for and over-confident in their roles.
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The Upright and Locked Position

AskmewhyIleftCA Wrote: Aug 31, 2014 8:20 PM
Well Debra, maybe you don't fly too much. Just because one CAN fully recline their seat back into the lap of the passenger behind them, does not mean she should do so. The solution is that of common courtesy. The situation you site WAS in an extended leg room seating area, according to reports I have seen.
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