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I am not at all saying we don't need to take a strong stand, but blaming AZ (or TX or NM) will not help. Feds are saying $2-4B to "fix this". Even at half that, it sort of outstrips a state budget. How would you "create" the extra money for everything needed (ignoring for the moment the other issues of lost Federal monies and legal fights with the Feds)? States cannot print money and borrowing or fund-raising for this effort would seem implausible. As we saw with Katrina, and Sandy, it takes coordinated local, state and (mostly) Federal $ and effort, for along time. Basically, until we get to an "all is lost unless we go to war" mentality (or sweeping replacement of the current admin) the Feds will rule. Volunteer state Militias may be in order soon. We've sunken to the level of the 3rd world.
Another example of Obama administration being seriously out foxed on global stage. - We didn't see this coming on the border? A massive distraction that totally incapacitates and overwhelms our already meager insufficient border security, and we had no idea it was coming? No one asked what could POSSIBLY come along with that? A health catastrophe, humanitarian crisis, gang/terrorist infestation, and huge uptick in smuggling were not seen as threats? - "no one could have anticipated ISIS", says John Kerry. Really?!?! I used to feel like we had enough level of smarts to think a couple of steps ahead. Like... "what are POSSIBLE consequences of Iraq pullout, General, Chief, Secretary?" And NO ONE said a damn thing about a vacuum in Iraq and it being filled by bad guys? Get the HECK off your yacht. Any business executives who so poorly understood their market and the economic climate as to not even have contingency plans would be SO FIRED, long ago. It's THE LAW for public companies -- executives can go to jail for not planning adequately for disasters. What are we paying $Billions for if these agencies don't have enough common sense and direction for that?
Wow -- poor confused child! I'm a baby boomer, but hardly a leftist, or coward. Really had to respond to your far-reaching slanders. And a pox on you and your "woe is me victim passion play". If you put yourself in $200K debt for a degree in these times, you are an IDIOT. I have 19 and 21 year olds who were smart enough to avoid that trap, solely based on their understanding of personal responsibility. They are way ahead of the game by taking modest, grunt work jobs while attending CC. As for their boomer dad (and the MAJORITY of my kind) I worked 20 hours a week paying for my own schooling and living to avoid that mess. Success comes to those who work for it, smartly. In any time, including now. Sounds like you consider your self a Conservative, but your whining, blaming and name calling make you an embarrassment to any self-respecting person, of any party. No wonder you don't have a job.
The Conservative Patriot backlash to this completely inept and mostly corrupt leader could make 1968 and the entire Anti-Vietnam era look like a garden party. Keep pushing.
Be thankful it is at this point still lawful civil actions, well within the peoples rights. You are going to reap the whirlwind if you don't wise up.
Good luck to you Sir. Get out while the gettin's good as they say. Virginia, from Quantico south (except for Richmond) is solid people. You probably saw the grass roots trouncing delivered to Eric Cantor in my own Congressional district! Northern VA,.. not so much as the toxic waste dump of DC lobbyists, politicians and all manner of associated vermin have spread like the plague. We could use more patriots to stem the tide.
Phony Scandal number six? seven? ten? And what a surprise - secret, no-so-transparent handling with thuggish illegal tactics, threats and complete disregard for the health and well-being of innocent and law-abiding Americans. Are you kidding me - contaminated, disease invested kids shipped across the US? It's the stuff of an Apocalyptic movie that could "never happen here". Where is the CDC? Someone put it on the news so President Obama can express outrage and create a #get-to-the-bottom-of-this promise.
1) Unfortunately RU486 is NOT a contraceptive. It is an abortifacient. That means it kills the conceived child. That's the same death an abortionist deals with his tools, are dealt with chemical introduced into the pregnant woman. 2) A great number of religious people believe the very acts of preventing pregnancy by unnatural acts (i.e. condoms, birth control pills, etc.) are also like murdering the child that could evolve. To me that is a bit extreme, but who am I, or you, to tell people what to believe? So don't force your view on others.
Even IF they did not destroy emails intentionally, the Federal Records Act and the documented IRS policy to prove compliance, demand their not losing any emails. Pretty much everyone knows that "ignorance of the law is no excuse". In some cases the laws consider intent (i.e. murder vs. manslaughter), but that is LAW. You do not get to add intent as a variable outside of what the law prescribes. The law does not say "do your best to save the records, but it's OK if you don't as long as you pinky swear." Not allocating the funds and resources is criminal negligence. Re-allocating IRS resources to more tax collection or evasion prosecution is a noble and good goal. Saving Federal records is the LAW. No business can (legally) ignore the burdensome regulations foisted on them every day in the interest of goals more important to them. “We meant to reach the emissions levels target” will still get you fined, according to the law if you miss them. The very sword the Democrats use to get their way is now going to kill them. EVERY case of missing email records is a Federal crime. The government bureaucracy is NOT ABOVE THE LAW. We have laws for the good of we, the people. They are not flexible “suggestions” for the elite government apparatus to choose at will, any more than they are for businesses or taxpayers. The top down near total disrespect for the rule of law in this administration has boiled over, the same way a dysfunctional parent raises children who are messed up in the same way. Character matters.
Yes, and Malaysia airlines flight 370 crashing has not been substantiated. Neither has Jimmy Hoffa's murder. What's your point, Earnest?
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