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Really? "...no indication that social environment after birth has an effect on gender identity or sexual orientation"? In what cocoon of selective and biased research have you spent all your time? Not disputing (or validating) your statements regarding early childhood development. But even if true, would hardly account for many cases of behavioral-based selection.
These bimbos are smug, arrogant and good only at weasel wording. They know how to cover up any reality possibly seen as having a negative impact on their team with red herrings, half truths, feints, and parsing of words. Their thin skin, exposed here and in their everyday rudeness, is the height of unprofessionalism. They are clones of their boss, and he of his ... under-prepared for and over-confident in their roles.
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The Upright and Locked Position

AskmewhyIleftCA Wrote: Aug 31, 2014 8:20 PM
Well Debra, maybe you don't fly too much. Just because one CAN fully recline their seat back into the lap of the passenger behind them, does not mean she should do so. The solution is that of common courtesy. The situation you site WAS in an extended leg room seating area, according to reports I have seen.
Obviously you didn't get the TRUTHFUL memo. the hobby lobby decision did one thing only - relieved conscientious objecting (i.e. based on a constitutional right to religious freedom) employers from having to pay for 4 (of 18 total ) types of birth control. - Didn't stop access to any BC - Didn't stop ability of woman to do what they want in ANY way, shape or form. - btw, the 4 forms of BC woman have to pay for out of their own pocket are all abortifacients. That means the method the BC employs is to kill a living fetus. That is abortion, not birth control. The requirement for employers to pay for abortion has been soundly rejected, even by the crafters of Obamacare. So, while you may be handy, you are certainly not bright or informed.
I've often wondered how con men with intelligence and other assets resort to a life of scamming rather than using their resources in honest pursuits. I believe its due to huge doses of narcissism and greed. Obama COULD have been a successful if not transcendent President if he had used his skills of persuasion to win bipartisan compromise and unity across the public on things that most agreed with. Instead, he has opted for a wholly rogue approach to achieve extraordinary goals that fit a small minorities' definition of "necessary". Rather than good, he ascribes to giant accomplishments that serve only his giant ego and greed (for his personal and narrow definition of what should be).
Yeah, these complaints sort of ring hollow when they are coming from people who call patriots "tea baggers" and embrace Harry Reid's hysteria from the Senate floor.
.... "raise me up a crop of dental floss"
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The Patriotism of Prosperity

AskmewhyIleftCA Wrote: Aug 13, 2014 3:10 AM
The shareholders would and should be asking why would a corporation NOT do that? They prefer the profits be paid in dividends, higher stock value, growth or all the above, not more taxes. If a CFO/CEO are neglecting their fiduciary duty to the stockholders they can be punished, by board action or law (SOX). ... Oh, by the way.... the stock holders are pretty much anyone who has a pension, retirement plan or other investment in American companies' stock .. like you, me and a boat load of liberals too. They are certainly free to donate 10-20% if their 401K or IRA appreciation to the government every year ... its a free country.
Who gets fired for passing the CIC the notion that we needn't bother with aspirations of a Caliphate from JV players. Was it the same person who said it was a good idea to undo the Strategic Defense Initiative as a showing of good faith to the Russians, so they would keep their treaty agreements. The same person who decided to give Iran $Billions of concessions to continue negotiating past the double-dare ya, red line dead line? Was it Obama's ideas they are parroting? Inquiring minds (like our Congressional Committees on Armed Services? Homeland Security? Foreign Relations? Intelligence?) SHOULD want to know.. Gross Incompetence barely begins to describe these decisions.
Next, the Obama administration will be entering negotiations with the new state, and sending aid to them to stay at the table longer. The UN will add them to the security council.
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