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"This is a matter of fairness and equity, and we remain disappointed that Cliven Bundy continues to not comply with the same laws that 16,000 public-lands ranchers do every year,"............Maybe BLM should be paying restitution to 16,000 public lands ranchers and the states they reside in, not to mention the ones they drove out of business already. The BLM has met its match. NOW the sleeping giant that is the American people needs to push this all the way to the Supreme Court, for justice and to reign in the heavy hand of the Federal Government. DON'T STOP CLIVEN!
Ex POTUS and FLOTUS, and children (I think) will always have Secret Service protection, 'til death. Just WAIT for the bills that will be run up by Obama's when we think he's gone and out of our hair and pocket books!
I do not believe this was a "unanimous" vote. It was a VOICE vote, which allows the masking of each Senator's specific vote (shout). More than enough obviously to pass, and OKed by Harry Reid, or the vote would not have happened. But, no evidence it was unanimous AND no documentation of who voted against it (like we would have if a roll call had been required). So those jihadi sympathizer Senators can claim allegiance to their constituents and not be exposed to the rest of the public for that.
This is easy for elites like the Bush family, and all the rest of our sophisticrat one worlders. They are not the middle and lower class legal americans (of every race, mind you) who are losing their jobs to cheap, illegal labor and at the same time paying more in taxes to support those who they are in competition with for jobs and services.
Well I can see why Mr. Colby was so unaware, these connections seem so obscure, tangent and minor as to be nothing. [NOT] Sadly, Ms. Malkin is "just a blogger" anyway, so it doesn't matter. [DOUBLE NOT]
Mozilla ? @mozilla @fluffyAoSHQ On the contrary, diverse views and openness is the core of who Mozilla is. Wow Mozilla --- tone deaf much? You did not support your CEO in HIS diverse views. Seems you might even have sided with the mob against him, .... for the sake of filthy lucre. That tells me all I need to know about your core values.
At least BeBe has the balls to cut his imperial arrogance off at the knees by throwing his ludicrous demands back in his face, and in a way that leaves no doubt who is boss. There is nothing that demonstrates Obama's incredible deficit as a leader, thinker, or patriot than a side by side comparison to Netanyahu. Well..., maybe Obama vs. Putin and Obama vs. Pope Francis and Obama vs. Ben Carson.
Legal or not, deeply disturbing. Do we REALLY need the picture Townhall?
What a neurotic bundle of nerve endings this woman looks like. She trembles in her sleep from the horrors of school yard names she was called. They apparently hurt so much when she was 6 that she now makes it a cause over about a million more worthwhile ventures. What puzzles me is how the heck Condi rice got duped into playing this game with them.
Why? Simple ... because they can. Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.
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