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Democrats: Out of Touch with America on Abortion

aseney Wrote: Nov 13, 2012 8:12 AM
Have you ever thought of the psychological and emotional damage that having an abortion inflicts on women? Yes we want less government because legalizing murder and calling it a "choice" has a vast impact on the society as a whole. The government that can control who lives and dies can also control how our lives are lived and unfortunately we are about to experience this first hand in the next four years.
WhatAboutBob? Wrote: Nov 13, 2012 5:10 PM
The psychological and emotional damage of being forced to give birth to a baby you don't want would also be great. Best if you use birth control measures in the first place so this decison will never face you. Dems aren't the ones that are out of touch with their realization that this decision is best left to the individual. I have to wonder how that writers of TH come up with some of these ridicouls headlines and crazy beliefs. You seem to be out of touch on so many levels that it is no wonder you were surprised to lose the election.

Does America know how radical Obama really is on abortion?


From Townhall Magazine's November feature, "Democrats: Out of Touch with America on Abortion" by Katie Pavlich:

Standing in downtown Charlotte, N.C., during the 2012 Democratic National Convention in September, Planned Parenthood volunteers yelled on street corners about how to protect women’s rights. Their hot pink t-shirts read “I’m Voting for Barack Obama” on the back and “2012” on the front—with a birth-control wheel in place of the zero.

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