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And do you also want them to be paid tens of millions for their narrow talents? In what universe do mere entertainers deserve this kind of income when people making a much greater contribution to humanity get paid ordinary sums and manage to live happily? We seem to have lost all sense of proportion and spend far too much time and money obsessing about our manipulative entertainment, time and money that would be far better spent on our own lives, activity and relationships. Why do we treat or own lives as pathetic and elevate others into royalty? Would these people stop being professional actors or athletes if their income was cut to what they're actually worth? They don't know how to do anything else and the other perks like fame would keep some of them doing it for a pittance.
America doesn't need another "compassionate" president at this point after "I feel your pain" Clinton "compassionate conservatism" Bush Sr, "no child left behind" Bush Junior, nor "Hope and Change" Obama. We need a POTUS who can make tough decisions for the greater good. Abroad, rogue nations and movements need to see a President who will not stand for their nonsense and acts decisively to prevent worse loss of life in future. Domestically, Americans need to be inspired to better themselves, not pandered to endlessly with socialistic non-solutions that make them dependent on the State i.e. other people's labor and money. In the long run, that's poison for votes, not compassion.
Professional entertainers (and this includes pro sports) are paid way too much money for their very narrow talents - mouthing memorized lines in Hollywood or carrying a ball from Point A to Point B. These people are not curing cancer. Most are of average and some even below average intelligence. A vast sum of (unearned) money and mediocre intelligence is a bad combination, making many weak brains feel entitled to live beyond the restrictions of ordinary citizens including the law. It would be great if ordinary Americans took a good look at these overpaid jesters the next time they go on strike or hold out for a million dollars a TV episode and decide en masse to take their money and their selves elsewhere. But it seems that American civilization has degenerated as the great Roman one did to the point where people are satisfied with "bread" (bought with food stamps) and circuses (bought by gluttons for entertainment). Along with fat bodies from watching other people do sports instead of participating ourselves, Americans now have fat heads too, caring way too much about what low class people (the Kardashians come to mind) do and say.
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No One is Born Gay

arvamus Wrote: Sep 09, 2014 9:41 AM
If a gay gene were ever discovered, the number of homosexuals born would tumble as most women would abort them, just as they presently abort fetuses with known flaws. That includes lib women who love having gay friends but would prefer their sons and daughters not to have disordered sexuality.
You should read Orwell to educate yourself on "Newspeak", total BS spoken in a tone of authority. "Diversity is strength" is the opposite of the truth. Diversity WEAKENS every culture that makes the mistake of hosting multicult. It divides people by tribe, then crams all those tribes with competing visions and priorities into one space. People end up not even speaking the same language, literally, let alone sharing the same cultural values on which the original (white Christian) society was built that was so great that 3rd worlders deserted their hellholes and horned in, only to push what made their home countries hellholes.
Multiculturalism is just a euphemism for anti-white.
Scots are the leftmost politically in the British Parliament. Their leaving will move the center back towards the right. Meanwhile, in Scotland itself, leftists will rule and with it their worship of multicult. Do you know of a single leftist constituency that rejects multicult? The Scots will not be the first. In all their blather about becoming independent, not once have they mentioned an anti-3rd world immigration platform. They keep referring to the Scandinavian socialist model as their ideal, one that's currently killing itself by unassimilating Muslim immigration onto Scandinavian Welfare rolls.
A group of Sikhs whose daughters had been violated by the Pakistanis took them on without guns, but were charged with assault for assaulting the rapists of their daughters whom the police had NOT charged. Guess Paki trumps Sikh in the British pecking order now.
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Bluster and Bluff in the Baltic

arvamus Wrote: Sep 09, 2014 8:58 AM
Mr. Buchanan is a naif if he believes that the election of a corrupt Moscow puppet Yanukovych in Ukraine was "democratic". Does he seriously propose that the same Putin who thought nothing of breaching Ukraine's borders with Russian soldiers and artillery to grab Crimea and who knows who much more, let Ukraine have an honest election that just "happened" to bring his man to power?
Where are those people in Ferguson? If they exist, they certainly didn't make their presence known, either outnumbered or just afraid to confront the race baiters.
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Sex Change Regret

arvamus Wrote: Aug 22, 2014 10:55 PM
When a man says: "I'm Napoleon", everyone knows he's ill and attempts to get him therapy. When a man says: "I'm actually a woman", society starts lopping off parts and sewing parts on to some Frankenstinian patchwork sad sack that is neither gender.
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