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Chicago is mostly a dysfunctional tribe killing its own members, with the odd innocent bystander. Well, now that I think of it, the Palestinian leaders are getting more of their own people killed too but they think it's worth it because apparently by their math, killing one Jew is worth getting dozens of your own kind killed. It shows up in Jewish math too when one Jewish prisoner is bought back by releasing a thousand Palestinian criminals, murderers among them.
America's more than half way there. Socialism, government intrusion is what's gumming up the American economy and has clouded the ability to recognize right and wrong. The remnants of free markets are all that's keeping the US economy going but more and more laboriously and with a lot of mumbo jumbo by the Fed Reserve to disguise the real damage. Those Americans who still have a sense of morality are shouted down as racists, homophobes, islamophobes etc. by those who are all emotion, no logic or decency. For instance, it's immoral to coast on Welfare all your life, gouging those who work.
Hamas should be a pariah and the Palestinians held accountable for electing and supporting such leaders instead of pretending that the two are at cross purposes and continuing to send money to a destructive people that enables them to continue their destruction. The West are enablers and Israel itself is guilty of this. Every dollar in aid that they give Palestinians means more dollars and IDF lives squandered for Israel. The same goes for diaspora Jews supporting Palestinians through their leftist causes.
This will hurt Israel's tourism even more. Either there's a single strategist among Hamas who figured out that the entire aviation industry is nervous after the Ukraine disaster and averse to risk OR like a thousand monkeys typing away on a thousand typewriters/launching rockets, they by random came up with something intelligible/got an effective strategy.
What genius thinks that feeding a kid breakfast is going to make a difference when a kid goes home to a parent (almost always single parent) who doesn't bother to fix him breakfast? The problem is in that home. The government should first stop discouraging such "homes" or fragments of "families" with its sloppy Welfare programs that give recipients complete leisure 24/7. What do these people do with that leisure if they won't even use their food stamps to feed the children they bring into the world? Every able-bodied Welfare recipient must be made to work for their eats. Women with young children must be formed into co-ops alternating child care duties while the rest go out and clean taxpayers' houses for free or roadsides or parks or change bedpans in nursing homes.
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What Needs Resetting

arvamus Wrote: Jul 22, 2014 11:08 AM
Anyone who crosses Putin and his KGB now FSB thugocracy ends up imprisoned or dead. See the sad fate of Sergei Magnitsky, an idealistic Russian lawyer who thought things had actually changed post Soviet Union and uncovered a massive tax fraud costing the Russian people billions that were siphoned into the pockets of tax officials and police. He ended up in jail falsely accused of the crime himself and beaten to death. American Bill Browder who had taken his hedge fund company out of Russia because of the corruption has to his credit made it something of a mission to avenge Mr. Magnitsky's death because it was his company that was used as a cover for the stealing of taxes by Russian officials claiming that they were not paid when they were.
Obama has had a crush on Putin, first sending him a Reset button, then giving him everything he's demanded including a unilateral draw down of the American nuclear arsenal and canceling missile defense for US allies the Czech Republic and Poland. Remember the hot mike promise to Medvedev that he could be even "more flexible" toward Putin after his re-election? There's no way Obama was attempting regime change in the Ukraine toward the West. That was happening despite his complete supineness toward Russia, same as his backing of the Muslim Brotherhood didn't work out when the Egyptian people had different ideas.
What a total patsy Paul is for Putin's professional propagandists who must be sniggering at his utter gullibility. He's what leaders of the Soviet Union used to call a "useful idiot". First, Paul starts his Ukraine narrative with the deposing of the man that Putin put in place through crooked elections. Does Paul really think that the KGB agent who thought nothing of breaching the borders of a European sovereign nation to grab Crimea and seed Eastern Ukraine with Russian military posing as local "rebels" sat by quietly and let Ukraine have a legitimate election? That his stooge being "elected" was mere happy circumstance?
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A Primer on Race

arvamus Wrote: Jul 08, 2014 2:12 PM
That will be the day when anyone hooked on Welfare but disproportionately blacks start refusing the easy way of handouts for no work and embrace earning one's own keep. There has been a moral degeneration with no redemption in sight since it appears even black churches are not preaching hard work and self sufficiency. Say you can't get a job. So you turn to selling drugs? No you don't because you were brought up with a moral sense. Yet we're supposed to accept that BECAUSE a black kid can't get a job, then naturally he turns to crime to make money. The missing ingredient is a moral upbringing by two parents NOT on Welfare.
Have you ever watched any of those shows like "The Talk" where left wing women discuss politics among other topics? You literally lose brain cells listening to them shore up each other's total ignorance.
Their lady parts are apparently doing their "thinking" for them. No neurons involved.
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