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Sorry. The last sentence was truncated. What I meant to say is that Hollywood and TV shows present cop shootings of innocent young blacks as common when it's rare. The true perpetrators of the massive death toll, black gang bangers is hardly EVER pictured.
The author writes as though the black kids' distrust of police is warranted instead of a false value inculcated in them by their own parents. Honest black parents who care about their kids' survival would warn them to stay away from other BLACK kids who are the biggest threat to them statistically, not the police. Out of over 3500 mostly young blacks who are killed PER YEAR over 90% are killed by other blacks. And out of the remainder, cops contribution to the death toll is statistically insignificant. Out of those, the "innocent" black victim shot while minding his own business is unicorn rare though the false propaganda of Hollywood and TV shows.
Not just blacks but any Dems keep voting for politicians who have been proven corrupt because they reason correctly that such dishonest self-rewarding people will be more likely to buy their votes by pandering to them. Corruption is a resumé enhancer for Dem candidates.
Well Chapman seems to have escaped from Huffpot.
Legal carry? (whites). Or illegal guns? (black). What a propagandist Chapman is to lump these both in together!
Another lib not so veiled insult to blacks. Saying requiring voter ID stops blacks from voting is saying they're too stupid to obtain it. But blacks still run to vote for the Dems who have such a low opinion of them because they're voting for the goodies. So what if their Dem pushers of the dependency drug starting with LBJ look on their loyal black voters as complete fools?
I know. That was the stupidest statement in an article chock a block full of them. I can see how the terminally lazy would reason that way...why should they work hard to get the same or less than they do sitting around sucking up Welfare. But for a presumably educated taxpayer to be putting this forward is bizarre. Has Mr. Chapman never raised kids? And if he did, did he suggest that they may as well stay at home in their PJs and live in his basement all their lives because they might not get as big a house or allowance through their own work?
Thank you. Wish you had been given the grandstand of this column instead of the very misinformed Mr. Chapman. Perpetual excuse making for blacks has the same poisonous effects as doing it for a child one is raising. They never learn to be accountable for themselves and respect, both self respect and society's respect can come only through working to support oneself and as many kids as one chooses to bring into the world, not passing off that duty to other draftees, long suffering taxpayers.
There's a major difference between the slave owning plantation of long ago and today's Dem plantation and that's who the slaves are. Black slaves of yesteryear were expected to work and were provided with room and board that varied depending on the master's beneficence. Today's slave is the taxpayer who is robbed of much of the fruits of his labor to support a class of permanent Welfare drones, disproportionately black, who have 24/7 leisure while enjoying a lifestyle complete with luxuries like abundant food, living space and TVs or phones that betoken wealth in most of the 3rd world. This "invention" of the "leisured poor" is a first in Man's history because of its foolishness and unfairness. The leisured poor show a high rate of dysfunction because being a parasite full of envy, entitlement and bitterness is as bad for the taker in the long run as for the maker who's robbed on their behalf.
In many places, the entrance tests have been dumbed down from what they once were but blacks still do worse on them and get hired as the "best" black, not the actual "best". Though blacks make up just 12% of the population, they've been given 25% of government jobs. This is affirmative action since their academic achievement is far below both Asians and whites making them less qualified.
As slavery was ended 150 years ago, no grandparent of any living black was a slave either. Most of our ancestors suffered one way or another 150 years ago, in a time of gross inequalities. No other race or ethnic group but American blacks and natives has been allowed to caterwaul even after 60 years of affirmative action giveaways and excuse all present dysfunction by what happened to antecedents they didn't even know. And the non-crybabies are better off for it.
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