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The American world is coming to Native American History month and Hispanic History month. The trend is not to erase black exclusivity but to give more minority groups the same privileges. The toxic policy of Multicult encourages every minority getting its own self segregated silo and all taking potshots at whites who alone do not get a silo. Nor will whites get any protection when they become a minority within 10 to 20 years. They alone must pay forever for the near universal sin of slavery. Though all races participated as slavers including blacks and arabs/muslims and East Indians perpetuate near slavery in their caste system, none of them are required to repent or feel shame forever. Only whites ended slavery to the irritation of the other slaving races. And now only whites are stupid enough to allow the others to make them slavery scapegoats.
It's a "poverty" that most citizens of the 3rd world would envy with space, food and luxuries that are unattainable even for workers in other countries. But the critical factor is that career Welfarists have complete leisure 24/7. How much is that worth, to be a leisured lower class? A larger proportion of blacks for whatever reason are willing to live at a lower standard of living (but higher than in other countries) in return for not having to work. They are willing to become dependent and permanent Dem voters to keep this situation going. They do not value liberty, self respect of work or want a different future for their children enough to change their voting patterns back to Republican. This is what they are demonstrating at this point although they tell themselves as instructed by their Dem masters that they are voting against Repubs who would be "mean" to them (i.e. expect them to work as they expect everyone of all races to work).
It's worse than that. Most young black Americans have not been a "victim of racism" except the paranoid imaginary kind they call "microaggression" or "It's nothing he said or did but I sensed he was racist" kind. Indeed, they're more likely to have received affirmative action in school placement and/or job which is a race based rewards system for non-whites. So these people who have NOT been victims of actual racism, who have been favored if anything, turn around and commit REAL racism against people who have done nothing to them or any other black except pay for affirmative action. Blacks who do this are no better than the whites of a bygone era whom they condemn and use as their "justification" for their own contemporary racism. Blacks are not against racism. They just wanted their own kick at the can. It is shameful that young black Americans have been taught to hate white individuals solely on the basis of the color of their skin. It spills into public view occasionally as with this Ebony editor. No historical acts justify this purely race based behavior against people innocent of those acts.
Every lib stops reading as soon as evidence is presented. It never works in their favor and they don't understand it so they stick to slogans issued from their central propaganda clearing house.
Can't the courts once he's been found guilty return his ill gotten gains to the state from his financial holdings?
Right. Dem voters look on corruption as a positive in their politicians. A corrupt politician enriching himself will also be more likely to throw other people's (tax) money at his supporters/voters. The Dem way is to elect and re-elect PROVEN grifters.
You are suckered by communist propaganda if you obligingly call le Pen and anyone like her "Nazi". This smear has worked for communists to stamp out their opposition for decades now, no matter how moderate. That "communist" is not an even dirtier word than Nazi since communists killed and oppressed far more people for far longer is a historical wrong and speaks to the power of the communist propaganda arm occupying most of western academia and media. (You have used fascist correctly meaning a form of socialism competing with communism, though the Left misuses it as a synonym for the extreme right who would actually be anarchists).
It doesn't matter how bright a people are. If they adopt socialism for any length of time, it rots brains including the survival instinct. For evidence, look at how suicidal diaspora Jews have become, promoting multicult and Muslim outreach as well as Obama and his pro-Palestinian anti-Israel policies. The French have always favored socialist "égalité" (equality) and fraternité (collectivism) over liberté (no translation needed).
Would that what you say were true. But there's been NO SIGN from any organized group of Dems that they are demanding this of their politicians, absolutely none. Not a single public demand by Dems to "curtail immigration until every American has a job". If you know of some, please direct us to them. Meanwhile, there are literally countless Dem accusations of racism when any Republican or conservative opposes illegal aliens in America.
What a revolutionary thought! Libs do what they imagine to be their "charity work" with other people's tax monies, never opening their own wallets. And for some bizarre reason, they feel morally superior for taking American citizens' taxes and spending them on foreigners who are citizens of another country! Rewarding entire families of law breaking Mexican mooches using other people's tax monies does not make you a good person and objecting to this practice does not make you a bad one. If libs had to fund their giveaways from their own wallets, suddenly they wouldn't think they were such a good idea.
Why was the vote even close? Are there no longer any American citizens in NY state who need help so that charity can go to law breaking foreigners? Is Mexico paying tuition for any American or Guatemalan students who enter their country illegally?
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