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of course I do you nitwit. However insurance companies are not charities. They take on a pool with risks and charge premiums appropriately so as to be profitable. However, if you have a pre-existing condition, there is no risk, only certainty: of a huge loss. It's like forcing a insurance company to sell house insurance to someone while their house is on fire.
Show me in the constitution where it states that we need 12 aircraft carries you chump.
As opposed to HMO death panels....
Those are all lovely, and sensible market based mechanisms. Market based mechanism are based upon profit motive. How do you make the treatment of a child's cancer profitable?
Sure he does - when he's not spending time putting his likeness on a taco shell or piece of toast that is.
you don't have to cash those social security or medicare checks you know... of course, I still have to pay my taxes to support this military industrial behemoth that you warmongers are so enthralled with.
Shriners and their hospitals are a wonderful charitable organization. They do not however, to my knowledge, provide insurance.
Lets see.... Free public education for all children. check Equal voting rights legislation. check. Social security and Medicare. check 30 year fixed mortgage. check EPA and environmental laws to remove lead from gas and ensure it doesn't rain acid. check Nope - i'd say that liberalism is actually doing pretty darn good right now.
Sure he did. He was just quoted on the AP wire as stating that providing free public education to children was an affront to god. If the parents cannot pay for their children's education, then it's time we also got rid of that other offense to Christianity: child labor laws. Government has no right to deny a 5 year old from cleaning toilets!
This is townhall. "headlines" of any credibility, regardless of author, are impossible. Decide: Force an insurance company to provide coverage, or accept the child does without.
Where was your glee for war with Iran when Reagan fled from Lebonon after the bombing of the Marine's barracks? Or when Bush not only allowed for Iran to build up its nuclear material several fold, but also strengthened Iran's hand strategically by creating a shia puppet state that is Iraq for Iran to control? Spare us the false outrage and bluster. Your lot have killed enough.
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