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would you allow a seriously drunk person to get behind the wheel of car?
how do you know who is "mentally ill"?
wow. I post on these boards because you nitwits are easy and entertaining fodder. Most of the time you're just a sorry confused lot. But your hatred has so blinded you both to reality and any form of humanity that I find myself amazed. I can only comfort myself with the knowledge that demographics and opinion are clearly with the progressive agenda with regards to gay rights. Soon, you and your vile kind will be much like the neo-nazis. A desperate a pathetic bunch who huddle in basements, surrounded by your souvenirs, trying desperately and ineffectively to understand why the world sees *you* a disease. Also: you'll have really bad haircuts, and lots of acne.
no wishful thinking would be "teaching" abstinence and avoiding contraceptive education and hoping that your children "will" avoid sex and not get pregnant or STDs. There's a reason teen pregnancies are highest in the bible belt. I don't believe in wishful thinking. I believe in facts. Of course, you probably believe people lived with the dinosaurs....
Public education is a right of all children, whether they can afford it it or not. We can argue about the semantics of 'free' all you wish, but as long as it's 'public' and available to all, it's liberal, and it's here to stay. check! Equal voting rights (noticed you didn't touch it. Good boy) check! Social security and medicare, not going away. so Check! 30 yr fixed mortgage was made possible by government intervention under the guidance of the newly formed FHA by FDR. Without gov't intervention, it would not exist. (Seriously: do the math, it's a loser deal. Only by having the gov't to intervene to prop it up keeps it here. see: http://www.thestreet.com/story/12010622/1/why-the-30-year-mortgage-could-be-coming-to-an-end.html . Pimco is hardly a left-wing org. ) so Check! Without liberalism there would still be lead in your gas, and acid in your raid (and yes, they are different). But regardless, they're liberal ideas and here to stay, so check! We win!!! (oh, and gay marriage will soon be in every state, and will never go away either. another awesome check for us!)
the "expenses" for which are paid for by insurance companies... which won't want to cover said cancer children, as well, they're kinda expensive....
one of those "high risk pools"?
...will once more end up starting another stupid war that will cost us another few trillion and hundreds of thousands dead...
was that supposed to be English?
of course I do you nitwit. However insurance companies are not charities. They take on a pool with risks and charge premiums appropriately so as to be profitable. However, if you have a pre-existing condition, there is no risk, only certainty: of a huge loss. It's like forcing a insurance company to sell house insurance to someone while their house is on fire.
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