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Conservatives Should Tone Down Criticism of Roberts

Arthur72 Wrote: Jul 06, 2012 3:40 AM
He is exactly all of those things that you claim he isn't, but no one expects another sleazy lawyer to be in agreement. I await your considered opinion after your insurance rates go up by 75% +/- and all of the other will gems Obama and an equally corrupt congress can decide to impose calling it a Tax, which is not to be challenged.

Conservatives are apoplectic that John Roberts, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, sided with the liberal wing of the court in largely upholding the constitutionality of The Affordable Care Act (ACA). Their rhetoric has been filled with invective and they have described Roberts as “a traitor to his philosophy” who is “forever stained in the eyes of Conservatives.” His opinion has been called “the worst kind of judicial activism” and characterized as “a 21st century Dred Scott decision.”

You get the picture. In joining the majority in upholding Obamacare, Roberts has become the Benedict Arnold of the Bench.

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