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I really don't give a rats bottom what happens to either California or their over stuffed Unions. Maybe the environmental fruit cakes will get something right and California will just disappear under water, rather than us having to wait for the San Andreas Fault to move dramatically and give AZ some beach front property. But then, I don't really care if Michigan becomes Mecca for the local Islamists either. After today, I just don't give a cr..p.
Within the last week, I have lost all respect I once had for the Supreme court, and find it is a toss up between who is lower, congress or the Supremes. The total disappointment in the Chief Justice is astonishing, and it appears he just this week crawled out of his liberal closet. Besides cowtowing to an inept Administration in its fight against AZ, he has now gone so far to openly endorse Obamacare followed by his vote on the Valor Act, so that any corrupt politician or drug dealer can claim to have received the Congressional Medal of Honor for personal gain, and Roberts claims that is part of the over used Freedom of Speech. We are in deep deep trouble.
As we watch what is happening in Japan because of the earthquake and tsunami and their hormonal and hysterical reactions to nuclear power, all of the Japanese auto makers are moving their plant operations out of Japan. Some temporarily until people come to their senses about electricity and how to generate it cheaply, and others will be permanent as the labor costs in expensive Japan rise. Germany and Volkswagen will dump the UAW and Mississippi in a heartbeat, and then the Black workers in MS can have a personal discussion with the UAW folks who get regular salaries. That won't be pretty for Mr. King or Obama.
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A Political Glossary

Arthur72 Wrote: Jun 27, 2012 3:40 AM
I was surprised to see a smattering of responses to this fine article, that were both offensive and negative. While the logic of those responses escape me, I can well imagine that they are from those people Dr. Sowell was describing. Like the ones on Obama Food Stamps paid for by taxpayers NOT Obama, yet they are standing in line to buy the newest Air Jordans or an iPad. We will know them by their words. Thanks for another great article Dr. Sowell.
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Women and Children First

Arthur72 Wrote: Jun 26, 2012 3:26 AM
Mike, I strongly disagree with your statement that Obama "is a smart guy". Not once has he even acted smart, nor has he made any 'smart' decisions even with all of those 'smart' Harvard people on his payroll. You may be making your premise on the information provided as to what schools he went to, but therein may be your error. Since none of his records, including his real birth records are allowed to be disclosed, there is no way to verify your contention that "he is a smart guy". As he keeps pushing Executive Privilege, I would suggest he has a lot more to hide than his birth and education.
Nuns are pushing for a lot of things that is within their purview, yet outside of the realm of the State. Christ said "render unto Caesar that which is Caesars and unto God that which is Gods". Christ commandment to feed the poor was addressed to the people as individuals, NOT to the state, as the Nuns are doing. I would suggest these Nuns need to spend a little bit more time in the scriptures rather than on the bus.
Keep in mind that Sirico was once what we would call a "wild eyed liberal" who palled around with the likes of Jane Fonda. Then he returned to God and his book on the Free Market is extraordinary. The Nuns on the other hand appear to be leaning heavily on socialism, as Sirico once did. Christians do not dispute the call for giving especially to those who need help, comfort and support, but that is the decision of the individual as God may move him/her to do. It is not the responsibility of the government to "redistribute" the wealth of those who have earned it. Nuns today are NOT what they once were, as we see this group, somewhat overshadowed by the Nuns who disregard Gods Word and push for homosexual marriages.
Richard Land has long overstayed his welcome at the Southern Baptist Convention and recently opened his big mouth on some other issue that may well get him removed. This is not a religious issue, it is a legal issue and the Baptists, Catholics and heaven forbid, the Mormons need to stay the heck out of it. Mesa, AZ is already paying (financially) for following Mormon orders and throwing Pearce out and replacing him with Lewis, but that's Mesas problem or will be when the appropriations for Mesa dry up..
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