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Unless these toads get very serious about prosecuting Holder, I will find them to be complicit in the gun-running and murder. Guys, we are Americans. We will not tolerate you being paper tigers without serious consequences for you at the polls. You are our butt-kickers in DC. You have a choice. Either you kick Holders, or we kick yours. Stop p u s s y-footing around these criminals!
That would be the plan.
Listening to the liberal spew is like listening to a kid complain that they failed their final exams because someone has a better car than they do.
Well, Chris, many of us have seen you as a danger to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, however, we have not seen you as relevant. Now, we can look at you as pond scum. One look, catch the rotting odor, and move on.
But, but, he would cry.
I would say that you are dumber than a box of rocks, however, that would be insulting to rocks. You are just plain dumb, and massively uninformed.
Worse than that: these people have been TRAINED TO VOTE by the Socialist Based educational system.
If you can think of an even faster way to turn almost everyone away from anything that you might have to say, ON THE TOPIC, try it next time. Like anyone else that wants to talk about the topic at hand, rather than someone's religious rant, I discredited your post as wholly irrelevant! Your method comes-off being as ignorant as the liberal kids that were interviewed.
Wow, so you're a retard! I see that you are not very well versed in America and what has been going on politically, and unconstitutionally, here.
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The Civility Police Are Off Duty

Arthur52 Wrote: May 23, 2012 1:39 PM
0bama was born where? Has a degree and experience from where? Has worked where? And is qualified to do what?
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