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Will Gay Marriage Force Black Churches to Reconsider Democratic Party?

ArtF. Wrote: May 19, 2012 3:59 AM
While I hope you are correct that Blacks will turn away from Obama because of his "joy" of homosexual marriage, homosexual adoption, I will be pleasantly surprised if it actually happens. The Bible is clear regarding "the little children" and Jesus offered a very descriptive analysis of what will happen to those who "keep the children from coming to Him". That larger portion of the Black community enjoying entitlements without having to work, are also using Federal funds to randomly kill babies in and out of the womb, for no other reason that 'birth control' and lack of responsibility. All Scripture is sacred and essential, not just on homosexuals either.

President Obama's affirmation of gay marriage threatens to undermine the near-monolithic black support Obama enjoyed in 2008. Several members of the black clergy now say they intend to sit out the presidential election. One poll from last November found black opposition to gay marriage at 58 percent, higher than the rest of the country, which is about evenly split.

The real question is this: What took black church leaders so long to reconsider their near blind support for the Democratic Party?

The historical strength of black churches has been that of a moral and spiritual refuge in a once-hostile country...