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Contempt For Holder? Not a Wise Move

ArtF. Wrote: Apr 30, 2012 3:20 AM
That is certainly a Republican era "gutless" approach of don't prosecute him because the Democrats will make fun of you. Absurd. That is the same logic being used not to challenge Obama violating the constitution in so many ways. Fast and Furious is just the tip of the iceberg for Holder; failure to prosecute the Black Panthers because they are "brothers"; suing any state that dare oppose the "One" on Obamacare or Illegal Immigration laws. The fact that a Federal judge questioned the motives of the Attorney General for trying to prosecute a pro-Life lady in Florida, just as the Judge dismissed all of the charges and told DOJ to pay her expenses. We don't need any more gutless wonders either in congress or the media.

Republicans actually have a nice story to tell. The economy sucks. Anyone with a brain knows it is being floated with money printed by the Federal Reserve. The world economy sucks. Europe is going to go into a deep slow down. Italy, Spain, Greece and France will go off the cliff.

The economies of Britain and Germany will be on a hamster wheel. All their production and growth will go into a state of “just staying even”. They will be like traders that have a bad position, losing you money each day, but your day trading keeps you afloat.