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The Secret Kill List

ArtF. Wrote: Jun 01, 2012 3:23 AM
Sounds like Barack Hussein Obama may be following Charles Taylor fairly soon, in an International Court for at least "War Crimes" if not just "Crimes Against Humanity". Taylor just got 50 years, how much time do you think Obama will get? And if he flees to his homeland of Kenya, do they have an extradition treaty with anyone?
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The Control Freak President

ArtF. Wrote: May 31, 2012 3:48 AM
Hey John, how is that Facebook IPO working out for you? I don't doubt that it will eventually get some of its value back but not all of it. It seems their income stream is not quite as plentiful as originally thought. Now you can understand why it reminded me of the era.
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Obama, Rubio Birthers Should Read the Law

ArtF. Wrote: May 31, 2012 3:33 AM
Well now, that settles it doesn't it? Byron York and Ted Olsen have spoken so that should be the end of it, right? Not so fast Mr. fancy fingers, Ted Olsen does not carry the weight of credibility as he once did, and Byron York never has. As bad as they are, I'll take our chances with a Supreme Court ruling, since they fooled us a couple of times already, like Roe V Wade and Justice O'Connor claiming that sodomy is just fine and is a right of privacy. Guess that covers pedophilia as well. Then we can't forget the supreme decision that said a state could force the sale of any land privately owned, if the state can sell it and make a profit on it and that it would increase tax revenue. Yeah, I'll wait for the Supreme Court version.
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Outsourcing Our President

ArtF. Wrote: May 30, 2012 3:31 AM
I do think it would be appropriate to outsource Obama to Kenya. I don't think Europe is that into him.
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Elizabeth Warren Is Not a Dumb Blonde

ArtF. Wrote: May 30, 2012 3:29 AM
Harvard does not have all that much to be proud of, now that we look a bit deeper at some of their notables, like Barack Hussein Obama who refuses to release any of the "work" or grades that he received at Harvard; Elizabeth Warren who may or may not be bright, but is incredibly stupid in her allegations of being 1/32nd Native American; and the we get to read a brief post by a Harvard notable, Ted Kosinsky (?) who has a lifetime appointment to prison. I'm thinking Harvard students may deserve some huge refunds, except for Obama who got in on the "freebie plan because I am 50% Black".
One more thing; In an era where the NCAA refuses to allow colleges and universities from using Native American names or terms for their mascots, where the Native Americans are offended or not, why is the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) still allowed to use the term "Colored People"?
The NAACP is not only NOT relevant any longer, but it is definitely NOT enhancing or supporting the Black community. This Black organization that now openly supports homosexual marriage as well as other homosexual activities, is also a vocal supporter of Black Genocide with their "follow Obama support of Planned Parenthood and the killing of millions of Black babies. While the number of minority 'babies' is growing, that does NOT include Black babies, taking Blacks even farther down the list of prevalent minorities. Hispanics and Asians in America DO NOT KILL their babies like Blacks do. So why does the NAACP want more Blacks to kill more of their babies?
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Obama’s Campaign about Nothing

ArtF. Wrote: May 20, 2012 3:25 AM
Seems somewhat hypocritical for Obama to punish China by raising import duties on solar panels because China is subsidizing that industry, while at the same time Obama (with our money and without our consent) is subsidizing solar companies here in the USA, and they still beat us in price. Seems like the USA is just a bunch of overpaid frauds.
While I hope you are correct that Blacks will turn away from Obama because of his "joy" of homosexual marriage, homosexual adoption, I will be pleasantly surprised if it actually happens. The Bible is clear regarding "the little children" and Jesus offered a very descriptive analysis of what will happen to those who "keep the children from coming to Him". That larger portion of the Black community enjoying entitlements without having to work, are also using Federal funds to randomly kill babies in and out of the womb, for no other reason that 'birth control' and lack of responsibility. All Scripture is sacred and essential, not just on homosexuals either.
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Don’t Like Facebook

ArtF. Wrote: May 19, 2012 3:49 AM
Ahh, we finally disagree. I hated the dot com era and the amount of damage it ultimately did. I hated that people who bought into the had absolutely no idea what they were doing or why they were doing it. They never asked why they never really made any money, and they bought more because financial clowns told them to. I also hate Facebook period. I have a strong dislike of any group that thinks they are justified in collecting all kinds of personal data on others, and then sells that data for more money. The value of Facebook is in peoples minds, and like MySpace, some day it will just close up and disappear, and a lot of folks will be holding the financial bag.
Obama is now and always has been a liar. The truth is not anywhere near him, much less in him. He certainly does not respect religious values as we see in his HHS mandate, he has always been on the "gay" side as he told his lackey, Eric Holder not to defend an existing Federal law, DOMA. California is one of the "gayest" states in the nation, and even its voters turned it down. My fondest hope is that both Obama and Holder and the rest of his sleazy clan, will not be anywhere near Washington, DC and the White House in January 2013, but he will lie about that as well I'm sure.
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