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The War on "Obama Defectors"

artdemeer Wrote: Nov 01, 2012 10:29 PM
There is no better example of how bankrupt today's GOP is than the efforts of that party to restrict voting. A political party that was interested in promoting the democratic values that make our country great would seek to increase voting, and let the chips fall where they may on election day. Instead, the GOP cowers in fear from the electorate, and chooses to combine a suppression of democracy with the money from conservative sugar daddies in an attempt to gain political power regardless of the cost to our democracy.
artdemeer Wrote: Nov 01, 2012 10:29 PM
While these GOP efforts are focused primarily on reducing the vote among members of Democratic leaning groups, such as students, African Americans, the poor, and Latinos, the undermining of democracy being carried out by the GOP affects us all by weakening the fundamental core of our political system. It is up to all of us to fight back by protesting against the restrictive laws that the GOP is trying to pass, helping register voters, and making sure that everyone who wants to vote on election day is able to comply with whatever hurdles the GOP is able to put up.
artdemeer Wrote: Nov 01, 2012 10:29 PM
It's perfectly understandable why the Tea Party phonies and the far right Republican Party want to limit the franchise. They believe in the original intent of the Constitution. They would be perfectly happy to go back to 1789 when only free white men who owned property (including other human beings) could vote.
NewJAl Wrote: Nov 01, 2012 11:05 PM
Sick puppy. The seeds of Liberty, for all men and women, whatever their color, were in the Constitution and Bill of Rights, even while many fought abolition tooth and nail.
Some Founding Fathers knew their hypocrisy, and spent years justifying it, to no avail. It was wrong, and they knew it, but it was socially acceptable, since the start of humanity. And it paid. Like artdemeer's bigotry against Republicans, their deeds were of no redeeming social value.
NewJAl Wrote: Nov 01, 2012 11:12 PM
As I have said, repeatedly, if slaves had not provided riches and leisure for these men they would never have had time to study Greek and Latin and read the origins of Democracy and it's weaknesses. Those nameless slaves were doing a work that would lead to the end of slavery in the West. They did not know it and would not have believed it. Other free Americans were in no position to do more than keep their roofs from leaking. And it is not so simple that a guilt trip should be justly laid upon American whites. Methodists and Quakers spoke against slavery and hid run-a-ways, and black people had black slaves, themselves.

NARAL Pro-Choice America is targeting what it calls "Obama defectors": female voters who supported Barack Obama in 2008 but now are considering voting for Mitt Romney.

Defectors? That's a term usually reserved for Syrian troops who go AWOL or adults who escaped the yoke of authoritarian regimes. The left's unabashed use of the word "defector" suggests a feeling of ownership -- as if, having voted for Obama once, female voters are conscripts, property of the (all kneel) Democratic Party.

Democrats usually are masters at co-opting language. This year, under the Affordable Care Act, the Obama administration mandated that...