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Awaiting a Natural Disaster That DIDN'T Happen

artdemeer Wrote: Nov 01, 2012 11:46 PM
What is most frightening about Republican's long- running con game is the curious fact that the party's white, poorly- educated, low-income political base keeps falling for the same trick-when they are the primary victim of Republican economic policies which always favor the wealthy at the expense of other groups.. This can only be due to the party's massive propaganda apparatus with its constant use of fear-mongering,wedge politics, demonization of the poor, so-called "family values", guns, religion, immigration.and abortion politics. These are purely diversionary tactics developed long ago to dupe the gullible to vote against their own economic interests.


So I was just talking to my family in Seattle as Shabbat ended here in Honolulu, catching up on the day when suddenly, I heard the familiar screech of the tsunami sirens, blasting out in the warm night. I was home alone, my friends and hosts out at a movie I deemed too tense for my taste.

I didn't know about any earthquake, but of course during Shabbat I'm off the news-loop, so my first thought was it was some kind of test or malfunction of the siren system. But no--the blaring, ear-piercing scream...