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As We Say Goodbye to Chris Kyle

ArtBZ Wrote: Feb 08, 2013 12:06 PM
Good article. Totally agree. Aside, I wish that when you fill in for Rush, when callers call in, you would force yourself to listen more and talk less. You are quite gifted, which I am sure you will agree, but there are others with brains too. I am not a disgruntled caller, I am a disgruntled listener. I would like to hear what these people have to say. May well apply to your own talk show as well. Please don't take offense, just consider.

I will be at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas on Monday, and I know I will take many of you with me in spirit.

But apparently not everybody.

The occasion will be the Texas memorial service for Chris Kyle, an American hero in every sense of the term. But if it is one battlefield where he earned his honor as our most prolific sniper, it is another battlefield that has sprouted since his death.

This arena is a war of words, sparked by the strong opinions of a variety of people on what Chris...