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I think that the balance is enough to cover every postal worker currently employed and enough excess for years of furture employees just making it to puberty. Imagine if Detroit or Sacramento or any other municipality had such rreserves. I am joking of course and surprised that Congress hasn't moved these dollars to the General Fund. I hope Nancy and Harry focus on this and keep their mitts off my 401(k).
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Unsettling “Settled Science”

Art270 Wrote: Mar 23, 2014 12:41 PM
Follow the money.....If grants were awarded based on a theory of global cooling THAT science would be Settled and there would be dire predictions from the Chicken Littles and Scientific "community".
Libs anthem - Dire Straights - Money for nothing and you chicks for free
Employment FIGURES will jump with a lot of "adjustments made later. No actual jobs will be there and miniscule "new jobs" created. Look for additional book keeping errors on how to avoid reporting full time jobs of 40 hours going to part time hours. Of course these will be "new" jobs......
Does Putin have to sign up for Ocare?
I can think of a few and I does not speak well of a Havaad education. Look how well they have molded the mind (I use that term in jest) of Ms. Korn.
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The 'Fairness' Fraud

Art270 Wrote: Feb 25, 2014 6:24 PM
He made excellent points in a well written cogent and logical article. I wish I could say things half as well.
Blabalblabla bla - what has that got to do with the topic Rev?
Brown shirts or black shirts? Who picks?
Yet another idiot Dem. Pandering another unworkable "solution" to gun violence. All technology can be bypassed. A couple with a single firearm in their home for protection - the call...honey could you please come home and shoot this guy who's raping me...........
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